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Zodiac Restaurant is the First Revolving Restaurant in Chandigarh

Zodiac Restaurant is a part of Turquoise Hotel. Though it is within the hotel premise but is quite popular among local residents. The reason for its vast popularity is quite simple. It is the first and the only one revolving restaurant in Chandigarh. Hence, it is a nice place to experience dining on a revolving floor on the roof top. You see the Tribune building, Dakshini Marg, and other buildings around through the glass panes of this lovely restaurant. Between the glass panes, the walls are well decorated with zodiacs related graffitis and paintings.

Zodiac Restaurant

With its revolutions, you experience the pictures on the wall on the other side moving. But in fact, rest everything is static except the floor you are sitting on. Only the circular floor that is accommodating tables is revolving. So if you are sitting on the side of the wall with the road in the opposite direction, you will have different experiences with the time you spend here. For instance, by the time you get your food on the table, you probably are on the glass panes side with the road behind you.

Zodiac Restaurant at Turquoise Hotel Chandigarh

Zodiac Restaurant is the First Revolving Restaurant in Chandigarh

Overall, all food items on the table were sumptuous. But there are certain items that I need to mention specifically. I loved cigar rolled papars, chicken Lababdar, Paneer Lababdar, lahsuni Parathas, Paneer naan, and veg pulao in the main course. And then the badaami phirni in desserts. In the nutshell, it was a nice experience to dine here with family. Everybody enjoyed the food, ambiance, and decorum in the Zodiac Restaurant at Turquoise Hotel Chandigarh. Service needs a little attention from the management as it has a scope of improvement. I am sure you will have the same enjoying moments on your visit to the Zodiac Restaurant.

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