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World Yoga Day with Deepali Bhardwaj and Art of Living

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My first interaction with Dr. Deepali Bhardwaj was in January 2017 during a talk over Skin Protection from Pollution and Harsh Environment. Next, it was in February 2017 while during her launch of anti-aging HIFU. It was enlightening to learn her views on ‘Play It Safe this Holi’. Similarly, it was quite interesting to witness her fruitful engagement in International Yoga Day or World Yoga Day yesterday. In fact, It is always good to see her zeal and passion in nature, health, beauty, and society. A number of prominent personalities along with a representation of ‘Art of Living’ was more than enough to make it a lively event. The beginning of the event was with two members from Art of Living for a yoga session. As a matter of fact, it was the most interesting part of the event.

“Take your pressure within your eyebrows. Both hands up, see the shoulders are folded and legs are apart, as much as possible.” The Art of Living trainer is instructing while the Yoga expert is demonstrating the same this World Yoga Day. “Now we will be doing Bhujang Asana. Let us lie down on our stomach. Both palms on the side of your face or shoulders. Now breathe in, raise only the neck without moving chest. Now raise your chest too. And then down. Ensure your elbows are not opening out. Relax. Heels inside. it’s the most powerful exercise in today’s environment. Turn to your right side and slowly get up.” She says while concluding Bhujang Asana.

World Yoga Day Emphasizes on Long and Healthy Life

The trainer is reminding to keep smiling while performing yoga on this World Yoga Day. She continues, “Now we will go for kapalbhati. It is throwing out the breath. We are not taking in just throwing out. Neck straight. Shoulders apart. Spine straight. Think you want to heal yourself and keep doing it. Now pranayam. Make a ring with your thumb and first finger. Other three fingers stretch out. Deep breathe inside. Hold a while and then deep breathe outside. Concentrate on breath.” The art of living trainer is conducting the session with full zeal. Reminding in between to keep smiling. Because when you smile it not only relaxes your face muscles it also brings a smile back to you. Hariom chakra asana.
Vijay Jolly, a prominent BJP leader and other speakers emphasize on certain things to live haelthy and live longer. It is breathe positive, think positive, see positive, that is the biggest yogic exercise you can do first thing in the morning. In fact, 193 countries are celebrating World Yoga Day and this is a great initiative of Narendra modi. Out breathes area fixed and only yoga can help us to prolong our healthy life. If country has to become healthy everyone has to do yoga. We are responsible for the huge crowds on hospitals. This was one of the most engaging and insightful World Yoga Day.
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