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World Environment Day and Different Faces Of The Bollywood Stars

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Every year on June 5 we celebrate World Environment Day. Most of the responsible companies these days publish their environment report. They are tending towards renewable, anti-pollution, sustainability, and green environment. But the same is not happening on ground level. The day every person becomes conscious and aware about the realistic but threatening facts about nature, probably this initiative will have a tremendous support and speed. In fact, it is not that people are not aware of the serious concerns of environment and nature, it is the willingness at every level that is missing. Many institutions, celebrities, and organization have made it a point of mockery by making it a show business rather than actually following and doing it. That is the actual pain area. Bollywood celebrities have a huge fan following. Mostly, it happens because of their talent and public portrayal. Sometimes, real face is different but not visible.

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What they pose in public and the way they live in private are two separate things when it comes to celebrities. Though we should have no concern about their private life unless it contrasts hugely to what they pose in public. Especially this World Environment Day let us talk about the faces that talk huge about environment and nature but in reality have a lot of tantrums. Prominent Celebrities in India charge 1-2 Crore depending on the media spends. But prior to charges the condition is coverage by big media and national level. Only then they agree. That means the promises of eyeballs is a top priority for them. Then it comes to money and participation. Like, if the event is in a B-class city, it definitely impacts their participation irrespective of the stature of invitee or the money they offer.

World Environment Day falls on June 5

Facing media, these celebrities talk big about nature and environment especially on World Environment Day. But in reality for any event they need travel, stay, food expenses, and a lot more in an exorbitant manner. Their demands include a private charter, 7-star hote stay, specific food, lounge stay, semi-luxury stay for their make-up guys/boys/managers/helpers, and so on. As they say, celebs don’t even smile or fart for free. But if it around a time of their movie release, their attitude becomes a little softer. One of the acquitance who organized for Aishwarya Roy was sharing sour experience regarding her travel, room, food etc. She demanded exclusive Bengali food in Tamilnadu. That was a lof of a problem for the agency. They finally had to arrange a 5-star chef next day from Park Hotel, Kolkata. And that too at a whooping cost. It was almost 5 lacs per day.

World Environment Day and Nature

It is important to see the real face behind what they pose as the most genuine, concerning, and nature loving people. Most of them associate themselves with an NGO of repute. And then they talk a lot of social service and World Environment Day. Social service by an actor is a myth. Reality is different completely. Some funny facts about Vivek Oberoi are quite interesting. He is fond of sleeping on schedule, loves to eat flavored Paani Pori and Popcorn, and creates havoc if he doesn’t get that on shoots. In fact, he sleeps in vanity, gets up to eat, then plays with his child, again eats, and sleeps. Then he comes on set. Kangana Ranaut is a nightmare as per the feedback. She is the mother of all problem creators. For Marquee and Vero Moda assignments though she was very professional. But at times, she is a headache. Even SRK is not far behind. And even Parineeti.

Celebrities must respect World Environment Day

Best in the lot are Tiger Shroff, Jackie Shroff, Mithun Chakravorty, and Chunky Pandey. In fact, most of the new age and young actors are cool. But not all. Some are quite genuinely particpative in World Environment Day. Farah and Anu Malik have a lot of complaints against them in this regard. They have full loads of complaints all the time. Someone shared a first hand experience they had with Big B for a launch. That was at the time of his peak with KBC. He charged them for 1 hour. Once the time was over he started walking out. After several requests he allowed pictures with kids only. In fact, apart from film stars even sports stars are quite painful. A retired cricketer rushed them for a masseur at 3 am. Rather he started drinking the moment he stepped out of he airport. And that’s not all. He asked the guy whether he can source white stuff?

Logically, it is all about cash. You show the cash and you can get anyone to be at any event. Even upcoming actors have learned throwing tantrums. Like, with Kangana, it is always strawberry with cream. She will demand any month and season. That too some imported one. Some people say she is sick and throws a lot of tantrums. While others say she is mad. In fact, they say tantrum is a very small word if you ever see her real wide. For John Abraham, Chicken Sandwich is his favorite. Though he says he is a Vegan and PETA supporter. But people have seen him eating Tuna and Chicken Sandwiches. In comparison, newbies are cool to handle except Ranbir Kapoor. It is interesing to learn how many of them really respect World Environment Day.

World Environment Day and Bollywood Celebrities

Akshay Kumar is best of all. He can work under any conditions. He is a gem in Bollywood. A real fact about Govinda’s falling career was him not coming on time at the shoot. For instance, if the production time call was 9 am, he would be there at sets by 1-2 pm. Salman Khan is very moody. They say that on Bigg Boss sets he would bring his liquor mug to drink during the break. Hope to see people respecting Nature and World Environment Day in the say way they pose in public. Be it celebrities or anybody else.


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