You Win From Your Self Doesn’t Mean You Lose From Yourself #winyourself

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Life does not work on the mechanism of Mnemonic. Because it has no pattern. Every day, in fact, is a new life we live. The same is true for the fights and struggles in our life. Each has a different meaning and purpose. As a matter of fact, each resolves with a new learning for us. But is it good to limit our life just for fights and struggle? And revolve around the results of those. We should not limit our life just win and loss. It is, rather, a lot beyond that. Does nature fall into the trap of fights, wars, or struggles? That is probably the reason that it always works towards growth and prosperity. It is us, the human beings, who don’t even spare nature. We keep playing our tricks to destroy it and use it to an extent that is beyond all limits.

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In any war, there is a winner and a loser. That means when we fight against someone else we have a chance of 50% to win and 50% to lose. Otherwise, the other person loses. Similarly, if the other person wins, you lose. That is the reality of life. But the same is not true when you fight against yourself. This is the only classic case of win-win. In this case, nobody loses. And both the parties are the winner. Winning yourself means winning the world. In fact, if you are able to win yourself, you become a universal winner. Because then all these wins against others become so minuscule. Rather, life takes a different stream. It gives you an altogether different meaning. But it is always difficult to win from your self. Because this is a fight where you are there on both sides.

Win From Your Self Is Like A Prayer

Fight with your self is always there for a cause. It is like a fight between good and bad. Mostly, in such cases, we let the bad side win and thus win from your self is afar.


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