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Wildlife of South Africa by Art Publishers: Remarkable pictures of Wildlife

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The Book Wildlife of South Africa and my take on it: Wildlife of South Africa is a small, concise, illustrative 64 pages. It is as if jungle pouring into pages and binding into a book. The pictures of Wildlife of South Africa speak aloud. The words draw pictures in your mind. There is not much to read. It is just to feel, absorb, unfreeze your mind from the daily routines. And have a small trip to South Africa jungles through its pages. You require no air tickets and no travel. And there is no fear of facing animals in real. But still, in those 64 pages of Wildlife of South Africa, it appears you are lost in the jungles. As if you are unfreezing, melting and are driving very close to Nature.

Photo credit: Frontierofficial via Visual hunt / CC BY

The words are so beautiful, that I am forced to write some of the excerpts from Wildlife of South Africa.

Excerpts: “INTRODUCTION – On the sun-drenched savannahs of Africa, a kingdom exists in perfect harmony with Nature. Where natural laws govern the survival of each species; where Nature takes care of her own in a circle of life as old as time itself, there is a balance, a serenity which man can only observe and wonder.Far from the desires which drive humanity, removed from any concept of greed or ambition, the animal kingdom remains united under a hierarchy which continues unchallenged, just as Nature decreed from the very beginning.” It is so mesmerizing to move me by these words! Are you equally in a mood to go for it?

Photo credit: Martin_Heigan via VisualHunt / CC BY-NC-ND

Wildlife of South Africa is mesmerizing

Pictures and Words of Wildlife of South Africa: Animal definitions are very well encapsulating. Minimum words in the book create more depth of meaning. Everything is transforming inside when you read it. Pictures are lovely, well selective and appealing. Wildlife of South Africa calls you to look at them again and again. Each picture “speaks” and lets you listen through eyes. Similarly, each picture is “readable” and lets you read through the curves and colors.
Photographers of Wildlife of South Africa: Some of the world known Wildlife photographers’ pictures are performing in the book. They are – Peter Chadwick, M. Craig-Cooper, Peter Craig-Cooper, Nigel Dennis, Pat de la Harpe, Roger de la Harpe, Martin Harvey, Lanz von Horsten, Greg du Toit, Richard du Toit, James Wakelin, Jason Keywood and James Warwick.
Wildlife of South Africa is by Art Publishers (Pty) Ltd
Durban, Johannesburg, Cape Town
Cost: hidden in the barcode.

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