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What Went Wrong by Kiran Bedi: Integrity, Dignity, Determination

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What Went Wrong. The first edition was in 2001. It has 205 pages. And the publisher is UBSPD (UBS Publishers & Distributors Ltd.). The price was Rs. 175 at that time. The book has been written/ compiled by Kiran Bedi. Anybody not knowing about Kiran Bedi is impossible. She is the one to bring revolution in the thinking of Women of India. In fact, she is a role model for not only women but all Indians. Moreover, she has brought a revolutionary change in Indian prison’s functioning that has well been appreciated worldwide.

Her awards and recognitions include: 
1. The First woman in India to join the leadership ranks of the Indian Police Service.
2. Ramon Magsaysay Award (known as Asian Nobel Prize).
3. Pathbreaker in prison reforms, community policing, crime preventive strategies, drug abuse treatment, spirituality in police training and street children’s schooling.
4. Gallantry Award for selfless duty.
5. Recipient of Joseph Beuys Award by a German foundation.
6. Asia Region award for Drug Prevention and Control by the international organization of Good Templars (IOGT), a Norwegian organization.
7. Morrison-Tom Gitchaff Award (USA) in June 2001.
8. Founder of Navjyoti in 1988.
9. Founder of India Vision Foundation in 1994.
10. Serge Sotiroff Memorial Award for drug abuse prevention by United Nations.

Who should read What Went Wrong?

1.    All those who respect Kiran Bedi and women power of India.
2.    All those who believe in the power of India and love India.
3.    All those who feel pain for poor and destitute.
4.    All those who feel that circumstances play a major role in ruling the destiny of a person.
5.    Who believe that a small wrong step (un)knowingly taken may lead to a disaster of the life.
6.    Who believe that a Human at low ends needs another Human in life for upliftment.
7.    All those who believe that good wins over evil, the saver is greater than the destroyer.
8.    Who trust in God, Truth, and a Power still unknown, untouched.
9.    Who understands and have the capacity to absorb harsh realities of the life.
10.    If you understand PAIN, LOVE, ANGUISH, and TOLERANCE.

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What is this book What Went Wrong all about? 
The book What Went Wrong is an uncensored collection of first hand volunteered accounts by individuals who had nothing to declare but their wrong past – with a reservoir of painful experiences, at times when they were not at all responsible for this but were not even able to control the external circumstances. Each true story, each page, each word transforms your thought process, your understanding of life, your beliefs in realities of life.
What this book What Went Wrong says: 
1.    Wisdom is to learn from your own and other’s mistakes.
2.    Being forewarned is being forearmed.
3.    Prevention is better than cure.

These three points may appear very common and already known to you all but after reading this book, you will understand the severity, reality, and meaning beyond the meaning of these words.

Some Stories from What Went Wrong: 

Story 1: My name is Afsana, aged 29, and a mother of two. When I was 19, I came to Delhi to meet my father. The auto-rickshaw driver instead took me home and raped me. I refused to leave and insisted that he marry me instantly.
Story 2: My name is Shalini, 27. My beauty, considered to be a boon by my family, soon became my bane. I am still repaying the price of being extremely attractive, with an extended life of being one of the most repelling faces you can come across.
Story 3: Alas, that first CIGARETTE SEALED MY FATE.
Story 4: 27 years old Geeta belonging to a poor family gets married to a well-to-do family of wealthy landlords. How this small family of a widowed mother, her only son and his wife (Geeta) had to fight with the system, police, their relatives. To save their lives.


There are many other introspecting and provoking stories.
There are 37 such realities narrated in simple but mind-boggling words. These words make your sleep go away. In fact, that force you to think. To think. And to think.

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