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Wear Your Mask and Welcome on the Stage of Life #masks

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wear your maskWear your mask and

Welcome on the stage of life.

Wear your mask

and play your game.

Wear your mask

of your own choice,

and play the game

you like most.

You are free to play

your own music,

and dance to your own tunes.

The only bet is to wear your mask

and become a part of this crowd

called world.

The best part of the game is

you are the hero, and

you are also the villain.

The worst part of the game is

the same.

When you win

nobody loses


when you lose

nobody wins.

Because in this game

you are your own opponent.

Therefore when you wear your mask

and play these games in the world,

when you win, the same you

wearing the mask loses.

And if you lose, it happens the same way.

You are playing every game

not to compete against anyone,

but you.

It is all about a game within.

First, you love truth

and try convincing about it

but in the process,

you either go off the track

or the track goes out

of your hands.

And then you start creating

a portrait of dark in light,

a sculpture of denial

in acceptance

and a symbol of direction

in a dot.

In this game ‘hide

and seek’,

you hide from yourself.

And then you start finding yourself.

In fact, you start enjoying this game

and get more into it.

As a matter of fact, you have

unlimited masks

and you have the choice of

wearing as many and

as many times.

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Wear Your Mask – Poetry

Moreover, it will be shocking

for you when you remove

outermost mask

and become happy to find real you.

But it is another mask only.

Because in this game of masks

you forgot count of masks.

In fact, you kept wearing them

one after the other

so fast.

Rather, you feel so light

after wearing one after the other.

Just remember. Although

you will also be playing

your last game, but it will

be different from all other games

you played so far.

In fact, in this game

you will neither be

hero nor villain.

As a matter of fact, you will just

be a






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