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Warehouse Cafe Restaurant Review – For the Tigers of Both Worlds

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Men live in their own world. And then there is fairer sex that exists in the ecosystem. Both coexist. Mutually. Without daunting into each other’s privacies. But when you are in a forest, who cares for a privacy. In fact, nobody loves to be a provocateur. We are surrounded by a plethora of megillahs in our life. And if we are able to cut them short to make our life more meaningful, it is a matter to rejoice. Instead of goading somebody, let us think of how to make life simpler, joyful and relaxing. If you want to detox yourself regularly from these regular junks of life, you must visit Warehouse Cafe.

Recently, I visited its Gurgaon outlet. It is spacious, and it is noisy. The loud music is powerful enough to travel you to another world for a while. Capture those moments that will help you remove all noisy stuff within you. After all, it needs equals to have a blast. Warehouse Gurgaon is well within the food hub of the city. It is in Sector-29. There is plenty of parking around. Rs 20 for 4 hours. Legal or illegal doesn’ matter. You enter the level and can plan to sit there only. Or you can go a level down and take a table of your choice. There are plenty of options. It is a full fledged bar. A lively and vibrant place for your casual dining.

Freshly brewed beers and a large variety of cuisines is a specialty here. A Tower is a must have. It gives you another kind of filling and feeling. Regarding food, you can opt among American, Italian, Asian, Continental, Asian, or North Indian (our own Desi Food). Try Adams Apple before starting your main course of drinks. If you want to be desi, try from Domestic Inventory, else go for imported ones. There are few options in Banta Bar that you can check.

Warehouse Cafe in Gurgaon is huge in Space and Cuisines

As a matter of fact, in soups, Beer & Cheddar soup is something unique you will find. Roasted Tomato soup is another one to opt for. While Caesar Salad is my favorite that I enjoyed for months in Cairo, I keep searching for the same taste. And, I could find it here. Had the same taste after a long time. Next, Salt n Pepper Paneer, Crostini Chicken, Cottage Cheese Shish Taok, and Falafel with Hummus & Pita starters were mouthwatering. I love stuffed Kulchas, Dal Makhani, Murg Amber Biryani, and Kung Pao Chicken in the main course. There is a plenty of choice in the main course.

Overall, Warehouse Cafe is a nice place to hang on with family/friends to have sumptuous food, to enjoy music, and to test your vocal folds.

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