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Values and Ethics in Education – What We Miss In Our Education System?

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Values and Ethics in education is a burning issue across the country. The education system is deteriorating. In fact, the gap between skills and education is widening. Rather, the government had to start a nationwide initiative in this regard. But the question here is different and more serious. There is a downfall in values and ethics in the education system. It impacts  students directly. As a matter of fact, the values and ethics are missing in students passing out from schools and colleges. The whole education system is in shambles. There is a big question mark on the complete mechanism. And because of this politicians are taking their own advantages to draw fruits out of it. It is only for their own benefits and selfish reasons. But still, there is a chaos and lack of clarity. Nobody knows the reasons and cure.

values and ethics in education
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Indian Education Network honors teachers with Excellence Awards. There was a special session on Vales and Ethics in education. The panelists discussing this special topic were clear that the flaw is in the system. But probably one forgets while criticizing a system that he or she is also the product of the system. And nobody was praising the system for enabling them to reach this level. In fact, if the drivers of the system know the flaws in the vehicle the are driving, they must take onus of removing those flaws. Instead, everyone is just busy in criticizing the system and mechanism.

Manish Sisodia, Deputy Chief Minister, and Education Minister of Delhi, was the chief guest. H is a good orator. But only to extent of speaking. Being a good orator does not mean the person has complete clarity of ideas. The spark was there but the fire is missing. In most of his speech he also was criticizing the education system and blaming it for lack of values and ethics in education. Rather, it would have been better to talk more about solutions and action points.

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