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Valentine’s Day Special Comes Best At The Leela Ambience Convention Hotel

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Valentine’s Day is an indicator to celebrate love. Why stay behind when the world is celebrating love? Since this is a worldwide phenomenon the waves of this day are not far from India. It is quite a popular day among youth and millennials in the country. They celebrate it by gifting romantic moments to their beloved one. The Leela Ambience Convention Hotel, Delhi is not far from offering the best romantic gateway for this occasion. Now, engross your best moments of life in the romantic settings. You will have the dim lighting around and soft soothing music to make those moments the special ones. In fact, such special moments stay in your mind for long.

Valentine's Day Special Comes Best At The Leela Ambience Convention Hotel

The prices at The Leela Ambience Convention Hotel, Delhi are quite impressive looking at the offers. In fact, for couples, it is just INR 4000 and INR 5000 respectively. In lieu, you get a fabulous chance to have sumptuous buffets at their all-day dining restaurant, Cafe Knosh or Dilli 32. You can read about the exotic International Barbecue Festival by clicking the link given against its name. In fact, Dilli 32, is an award-winning Awadhi cuisine restaurant. Both the restaurants are unique in their offerings and outlook. As a matter of fact, for this special Valentine’s Day moments, there is a specially designed Valentine’s themed menu. In addition, there is a photo booth. And finally, you have candle-lit tables to provide the perfect moments.

Valentine’s Day Special

Would you not like to make this Valentine’s Day special by adding a special charm surrounded by exotic ambiance? Why not spend some quality time with your beloved at a special place. This place has a quiet and intimate setting. In fact, there are exclusively curated cabanas at Alfresco. All the guests here will have a special five-course meal. And in fact, if you plan to add some adventure to your night, the hotel has some unique offerings in place. It provides the option of the International Barbecue Festival at Frangipani.

As a matter of fact, you will have live grills from across the globe, food trucks, canopy-seating, and a lot more to cherish and relish. In fact, the Barbeque Festival will definitely add a mouth-watering twist to your Valentine’s Day plans.The special day, as we all know is 14th February. The location, to remind you again, is The Leela Ambience Convention Hotel, Delhi.

Timings for Cafe Knosh are 7 pm to 11.30 pm. Similarly, for Dilli 32, the timings are 7 pm to 11.45 pm. For International Barbecue Festival the timings are 7 pm to 11 pm. Dinner at Cafe Knosh will cost you around INR 5000 all inclusive. Similarly, dinner at Dilli 32 is around INR 4000 all inclusive. Cabana for two with unlimited imported liquor is for INR 20000 all inclusive. Finally, International Barbeque Festival starts at INR 1299. Go and grab some of the best moments of your life this Valentine’s Day.


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