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Uttar Pradesh Tourism Brand Ambassadors: Celebrities to Local Priests @uptourismgov

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Uttar Pradesh Tourism is changing its image. Next, it is in terms of the new brand ambassadors for the department. Besides, it does not change from one celebrity to another. Here, it is a big change. Specifically, now priests will be brand ambassadors of Uttar Pradesh Tourism. To rephrase it, the UP Tourism department is moving away from the practice of designating celebrities as ambassadors. This was happening for all the tourism sectors in the state. On the contrary, the department will now designate priests for sectors of religious prominence in the state. As a matter of fact, the priests in Uttar Pradesh are famous as Pandas in local terms. To clarify, there is three main religious prominence in the state. And these are Ramayana, Buddha circuit, and Krishna. The tourism department now plans to focus on local people as brand ambassadors.

Uttar Pradesh Tourism
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For example, it can be Buddhist monks in Sarnath, local pandas (priests) in Vrindavan, and boatmen in Ayodhya. Because the core mission behind this is the development of local people. In addition, job opportunities will enhance this way. Also, there will be a substantial increase in their engagement in the tourist activities of their areas. Navneet Sehgal, Principal Secretary was expressing his views while making this announcement. At the same time, the department is also exploring the ways of pulling ground level people as brand ambassadors. For instance, these people include local porters, workers, rickshaw pullers and taxi drivers. As a matter of fact, these are the people who are interacting on a regular basis with the tourists. And if they can also act as guides, it will enhance their lifestyle. While they will earn more money, the tourists also will be comfortable with them.

Uttar Pradesh Tourism has new Brand Ambassadors

The three circuits cover places like Kaushambhi, Shravasti, Mathura, Kapilvastu, Chitrakoot, Ayodhya, Vrindavan, Kushinagar, and Sarnath. While the training has already started in more than ten cities, it will start in other places soon. Mainly, the training includes the development of communication skills. In addition, a special focus is given to training in managing foreign tourists. Basically, it all includes the development of soft skills in the selected brand ambassadors. In the same way, it includes basics of etiquette. Secondly, it is easier to develop knowledge of the religious and historical importance of these places in local people. Thirdly, these brand ambassadors will have to learn few foreign languages to excel in their mission. As a matter of fact, Uttar Pradesh Tourism department is making special arrangements for the same.

In contrast, as stated by one of the tourism department members, a celebrity as brand ambassador has certain flaws. While a celebrity can attract his or her fan following but has no direct involvement with the place. Also, the main purpose of doing a campaign is money.

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