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Until Sweet Death Arrives by Amnon Binyamini – An Intriguing Thriller

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Who will call death sweet? Until Sweet Death Arrives by Amnon Binyamini is an intriguing thriller. The lead character Nahum Patterson of this out of box storyline makes you believe that death can be sweet for some. While the high-end drama talks about corruption it touches a very sensitive area of human life. It also talks about Alzheimer’s disease and the agonies and anguish it brings in one’s life. In fact, it not only impacts an individual who suffers from it but the whole spectrum of family and friends. Nahum and Edna is a happily living and loving couple. He is a journalist having an edge over his peers with an extraordinary talent in investigations and research of his cases. With the help of this talent, he could expose a number of corruption cases in the newspaper.

Until Sweet Death Arrives

In fact, when it comes to fighting against corruption Nahum would not mind putting his life at risk. That makes the story of Until Sweet Death Arrives by Amnon Binyamini quite interesting and intriguing. But there is a lot more to it. While he is a soar in the eyes of the world of corruption, his professionalism and expertise is a point of appreciation in the professional world. He has been responsible for putting many corrupt person’s reputations at stake because of stunning revelations. All in all, Nahum is living with a high amount of risk to his life all the time. But he barely cares for it. For him, his profession and talent are prime to fight against corruption in the world. But destiny has something different in store for him. All of a sudden his world of talent starts fading with abruptions.

Until Sweet Death Arrives Meets With A Tragic Turn

The story of Until Sweet Death Arrives by Amnon Binyamini takes a tragic turn when Nahum starts forgetting persons and things quite frequently. In fact, his depression starts deteriorating his condition fast. He starts calling Edna ‘Mother’. While during the course of action he forgets almost every corrupt person of his different stories, few of his enemies didn’t forget him. As a matter of fact, one of his most daring enemies was not willing to forgive him at any cost. In fact, he had been waiting for a suitable time to take his revenge. Nahum’s Alzheimer’s disease brings a drastic change in his life. Rather, it makes him completely vulnerable thus putting his life at risk. The story becomes grasping with every turning page and every passing word. But still, there is something that you can’t expect. The climax has a high-end drama and amazing ending.

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