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Two Princes and a Queen by Shmuel David About Kladovo-Sabac Affair

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Two Princes and a Queen by Shmuel David is a historical novel about Kladovo-Sabac Affair. It talks about the historical voyage on a rundown river-boat down the Danube River by hundreds of Jews who for the sake of sake of saving their life from Nazis were moving to Israel through this dangerous route. This historic fiasco is what they call as Kladovo-Sabac Affair. The book also covers real-life stories of people who were part of this journey in one way or the other. When it becomes a point of saving your life, any kind of risk averting death looks small. The story revolves around Hanne, his parents, and his son Alan. Basically, it involves three generations. Such kind of stories takes a wider frame to reflect the differences and similarities between the three generations. It reflects very well when you see Hanne’s and Alan’s childhoods in this interesting story.

Two Princes And A Queen

The survivors of that devastating river-boat voyage are known as heroes of Kladovo-Sabac Affair. Hanne was also one of the survivors who were there in one of the river-boat escaping to Israel. He was a teenager at that time and was traveling with his parents. The opening chapter of Two Princes and a Queen by Shmuel David shows Alan living with Rachael in one of the five boroughs of New York City. In fact, Queens is the easternmost and largest in the area among those five boroughs. Alan still misses Israel badly in terms of summers, the smell of eath after plowing, and his mother tongue Hebrew which is not very common here. Rachael keeps forcing Alan to visit a therapist to get a cure of his dreams full of nightmares and anxiety but to no avail. Alan’s grandfather Emil David was Belgrade Architect in 1930s.

Two Princes And A Queen Involves Three Generations

Alan is working for an investment bank. They have two daughters. The elder one is Nina, eight-year-old. They have a big frame photograph of Alan’s grandparents in their house. Alan’s grandmother’s name was Louisa. When Hanne was on his deathbed, he tells Alan to explore about his first love, Inge, and find out her whereabouts. Inge had to leave Hanne forcefully under some strange circumstance during the river journey. Hanne was a teenager when he was traveling with his parents in one of those three creaking river-boats. It was a matter of hanging between the two extremities of hope and despair. In fact, it was a bleak attempt of reaching safely to their destination. Alan investigates a number of journals and newspapers to find out the truth. During his research, he finds out a number of astonishing facts. Overall Two Princes And A Queen Is an interesting historical story.


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