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Twitter Seva Launched by Ministry of Communications for Complaints

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Ministry of Communications launches Twitter Seva to for addressing the complaints. Likewise, It is for a common man to use this social media service. In addition, it is an initiative to increase transparency. As a matter of fact, it is also another step for strengthening Digital India initiative. Secondly, It is to fasten the action on the complaints. In other words, the Twitter Seva aims to deliver a clean, transparent, accountable, and responsive administration. At the same time, Minister of State for Communications, Manoj Sinha is quite happy while launching this Seva today. To clarify, he says, it is for addressing the concerns and issues of common man and other relevant stakeholders. So far, the service is pertaining to the telecom and postal sectors.

The twitter handle of the minister is @manojsinhabjp. While launching the Seva, Sinha says it is in tune with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision. Furthermore, the vision is “minimum government, maximum governance”. Precisely, Narendra Modi, his ministers, and their ministries are continuously taking initiatives in this direction. In other words, they are trying to connect with the people of India using live communication means. Next, these communication means are easily available using social media platforms. And these platforms help in keeping the whole process transparent, responsive, accountable, and clean. As a matter of fact, this makes administrative procedures more alert and active. While this real-time public service will create effective communications, it will also connect the people across the country.

Twitter Seva is a superb initiative

Twitter Seva is Twitter’s India-first innovation. As a matter of fact, it is the fourth ministry to launch this service. So far Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Railways, and Ministry of External Affairs are the ones for such initiatives. Indian citizens and other stakeholders can now tweet to @manjosinhabjp using the respective department hashtag to raise their concern. The respective hashtags are #BSNLSeva, #MTNLSeva, #DOTSeva, and #PostalSeva. In short, these hashtags can be of great help to raise an issue with these 4 departments under the ministry. Rather, this is a bold step to provide timely transparent government service to citizens across the country. As a matter of fact, this is Twitter India’s fully customized e-governance delivery model. And this is in order to realize the vision of minimum government and maximum governance.

The Minister is quite hopeful while launching this service. He says that the telecom ministry and Department of Post will act in a systematic manner. Henceforth, the telecom ministry and DoP will be able to compile complaints in a better way using Twitter Seva data. Moreover, it will also help them to categorize and segregate the severity of these complaints. Rather, they will be able to segregate them into immediate, mid-term, and long-term complaints. Further, Minister says this is a huge challenge as India has the largest postal network in the world. At the same time, the number of mobile-phone subscribers is already more than 1 billion. While the complaints will start pouring in from across the country, it will take some time to streamline it. The minister is quite hopeful that the situation will help the ministry to rise up to this challenge.

Twitter Seva is a gigantic task

While the Twitter Seva is to serve the deserving people to resolve their issues, there is no doubt that some miscreants will try to misuse it. Now, Twitter authorities will take care of it.

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