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Turquoise Hotel Chandigarh: A Lot To Improve Yet Good

The first impression at the entrance of Turquoise Hotel is not bad. But the housekeeping was incomplete when I was to check-in the room.  There was a used comb in the bathroom. And the refilling and cleaning were pending in the electronic kettle area. The mini bar also was totally empty. Despite there were few hiccups in the beginning rest of the stay was good. It might also depend on the level of expectations of guests in a particular city and locality. Probably a high level of expectations always helps in maintaining high standards to beat the competition. There was a change in focus and attention gradually after initial small issues.

Turquoise Hotel

Otherwise, Turquoise Hotel is a nice place. The Zodiac is a must visit restaurant here. It is within the property. In fact, it is on the top floor. And as a matter of fact, it is the first revolving restaurant in Chandigarh and probably in the surrounding areas. The ambiance is quite impressive in the restaurant. Food is excellent, especially the non-veg. Even the veg was equally tasty. Like, Paneer Lababdar was fabulous. Preparation of all dishes is good and so is the taste and presentation. I think it is quite popular among local residents since having a special decor. As the name suggests, it is on zodiac theme. In addition, the revolving concept is another attraction for families, parties, and especially kids.

Turquoise Hotel

Turquoise Hotel

Rooms in Turquoise Hotel are clean and spacious. Here is a small video I captured during my stay there. It is a virtual tour of the room. I am sure, you will also find the room quite spacious, neat, and clean. It is a four-star hotel in Chandigarh. I will summarize Turquoise Hotel as compact and stay-worthy. Overall, it is a neat and calm place to stay with attentive staff and active hospitality.

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