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True Love: Does It Really Exist – A Short Story #LoveAll

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Ashok and Rashmi are in the final year of their Masters. They are studious, aspirant and clear to carve a great career. Both are far away from emotional drifts about True Love while performing their studies. They know that it is not the right time to deviate from their goals and aspirations. The time is later to think about family and love. Ashok is aspiring to be an IAS officer while Rashmi wants to opt for research abroad. Being students of Masters in Science both of them have to study a lot. As both are clear about their goals, they are preparing accordingly for their next step of the growth ladder. Ashok is devoting most of his time for his preparations towards IAS exam while Rashmi is preparing for her GRE/TOEFL exams. In fact, both are close friends and they do anything to help each other in this regard.

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Moreover, it has been four years together in the same batch and class. Both have been topping throughout in their exams. Everyone knows it is either Rashmi or Ashok to take first and second place in any results. All professors too admire them a lot due to their studious nature and seriousness towards their future. Somehow for last two months Ashok is getting emotional for Rashmi. He has decided that this Friday after praticals he will propose Rashmi to be his life partner. But as the day was nearing, he started getting nervous. Finally, at 6 pm on Friday when they came out after their practicals, Ashok offered her a coffee in the canteen. Rashmi agreed. She has earlier also never refused Ashok in this regard. Whether it is a request for a coffee, or sitting in library for studies.

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True Love – Where is it gone?

“Rashmi, I feel I am in love with you. I am sure this is the first and last time I have such feeling for anyone. Moreover, I am sure this is True Love for you.” Ashok was looking into Rashmi’s eyes.

“Ashok, don’t joke. I am not in that mood right now. I have to submit my form for GRE. Tomorrow is the last date. And if i don’t get more than 9.8 I will not get a chance to get 100% scholarship from the University of my choice in the United States.”

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“I am not joking. I am serious. And if you want I can come along with you to US. I can sacrifice IAS and fill GRE form along with you. I am sure I will also get decent marks to get more than 80-90% scholarship from a good University there.” Ashok was saying seriously.

“No Ashok. There is nothing like love or True Love, as you are saying. It is all a matter of time. Since we have stayed together and quite closely for all these years, you are getting emotional as the time of seperation is coming. But it has to happen. We already were knowing that we have to depart. And who says that we will not in contact with each other?” Rashmi was trying to console Ashok.

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“I am sure what I am saying. I have been feeling it for last two months. And since we know each other so well, I know we will live happily together.”

True Love Where Are You Hidden?

“But Ashok, you know me only his side of mine. you don’t know how selfish I am about my career. I can’t allow any hurdle to come in between me and my ambitions. It is fine that we like each other but I have never thought about you in that sense. Moreover, I am not in any mood to think in that direction. Secondly, if you are getting emotional and sentimental, it is my duty to help you to come out of it and think of your ambition. You have to be determined to become an IAS officer.”

“Rashmi, if you want I can wait till you complete your research. In fact, I am ready to wait for you throughout my life. Just give me a word and I will wait for whatever time you want to take to take a call on this.”

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“Look Ashok, not let me clarify you. Firstly, I can’t see you as my husband, ever. Secondly, my husband has to be much smarter than you. Thirdly, he has to be as quick and fast like me. Lastly, I don’t like emotional persons in my life. That’s it.”

Ashok was helpless. He was in tears. But he didn’t say anything further in this matter. After a month, the exams of last semester were over. Ashok was overall topper, Rashmi was at second place. The gap was small though.

Two decades have got added in their lives. Ashok is still unmarried. He cleared IAS in first attemp and joined Forest Servieces. Rashmi is Green Card Holder. She is now a US resident and settled there. But still Ashok asks himself – “Does True Love exist?”

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