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Travel Insurance That Covers Host Of Medical And Non-Medical Benefits

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We all love traveling. Though the choice of destinations may differ. But excitement and love to travel stay intact within us. Travel comes with a lot of activities prior to actual travel begins. Travel Insurance is one of the prime important activities out of those. Especially when it is overseas travel. The best insurance in this regard must cover most of the risks that imbibe during a travel to any destination. Like, health, baggage claim, safety, passport loss, etc. Selecting a right partner, in this case, is critical because you need to select an insurance company that ensures hassle free travel claim settlement. A perfect travel plan is as important to explore as is finding the right insurance partner. So as to stay guilt free and tension free afterwards in case of any kind of contingency. As a matter of fact, any travel must be as risk-free as possible.

In fact, whether it is an official overseas trip or a family vacation trip, travel insurance is a must. That is where Religare Health Insurance comes into the picture. Because it ensures a safe and hassle-free overeas trip to any destination. In fact, you get utmost protection against unanticipated medical and non-medical emergencies. When we think about India, summer vacations create the optimum opportunities for Indian families to utilize this period to explore the country as well as the world. It is mostly the exploration and experimentation with new and exotic destinations that take top slots in the list. In fact, it is always important to understand the importance of getting travel insurance and chosing the right partner in that regard. As a matter of fact, Religare Health Insurance is gaining momentum in demonstrating this importance.

Travel Insurance Must Be Comprehensive

Why Religare Health Insurance? Because it is a specialized Health Insurance Company offering health insurance products including Travel Insurance to corporates, individuals, and financial inclusion. Soon after its launch in July’ 2012, it has been progressing subtantially and significantly. And the figures are enough to prove it. In fact, within a short span, it is operating out of 61 offices across the country. That speaks about its widespread presence across the country and its popularity. No doubt that the team is quite dynamic. But there is always dynamic leaders behind such dynamic teams to spearhead the progress and growth. Ashutosh Shrotriya is one of the leaders in this case. He is Head – Products & Business Process. Another name to mention is B. Shiva Shankar, Business Head – Travel Insurance.

B. Shiva says, “The aim of this meet-up was to have an informal conversation with passionate bloggers of India and understand their fresh perspective on travel, destinations and the issues that they face whiletravelling. The sessionhelped us engage with a group of well-travelled, urbanend-consumer at a deeper level.”

In the same context, Ashutosh Shrotriya says: “This is a perfect platform to present our product to the right influencer group, besides reaching out to our audience.We received a lot ofqueries and genuine feedback in the process that will help us deal with the growing challenges of a traveller. With our commitment to superior product and experience for our customers, we hope to continue to improvise in our area of expertise.”

Explore one of the best Travel Insurance Plan

‘Explore’ is a comprehensive travel insurance that covers host of medical & non-medical benefits like:

  • Hospitalization Expenses

  • Medical Evacuation

  • Dental Expenses

  • Coverage for Pre-Existing diseases in case of life-threatening situations

  • Loss of Checked-in baggage and passport

  • Compensation for Trip cancellation & Interruption

  • Up-gradation to business class

Reliage Health Insurance got the Award for Best Product Innovation’ at Finnoviti 2013. It was also conferred the ‘Rising Star Insurer Award’ at The Indian Insurance Awards 2014. Hence, go for the best Travel Insurance.

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