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Tourist Janpath – Superb Food, Engaging And Innovative Ambiance

Tourist Janpath is a big place with three floors. Ground and first floor are indoors while the second-floor terrace seating is altogether different. And so is the atmosphere. When the weather is good, people would definitely prefer to enjoy their food and drinks (and hookahs) on the terrace. Hence in winters, you might prefer to sit on the terrace. Similarly, summer evenings would have more footfalls. In fact, it all depends on your mood and comfort. As a matter of fact, I find Tourist Janpath more as a city in itself. A bar counter on the first floor is right parallel to the entrance but on the other end. The moment you enter, you find a stairs-like seating with a library on the backdrop. The seating also appears similar to an open air theater. You will definitely find Tourist Janpath quite interesting and engrossing.

Tourist Janpath Food Review

In fact, Tourist Janpath has superb, engaging, and innovative ambiance. Interiors and seating are artistic and comfortable respectively. You really feel like in a tourist place. Food and drinks are a class apart in terms of nomenclature, taste, and presentation. I loved being here and would definitely love to visit again. Corn Fritters is a must try starter. Cool Sensation in mocktails is also fantastic. Overall, all food and drink items are fabulous.

Tourist Janpath Food Review

Tourist Janpath Food Review

Tourist Janpath has an altogether different kind of atmosphere. You find a high level of dynamism in their kitchen and bar. If you have to use washrooms, use the stairs near the bar to get down to ground floor. En route you will find the hookah counter and a large variety of hookahs. This is exactly in between ground and first floor. And, in fact, there are a lot of points to take classic photographs. Overall, it is a nice place to dine out and enjoy the interiors, theme, and atmosphere.

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