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Time To Revisit LOC Between You and Me #TimeToRevisit: Poetry

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It is Time to Revisit everything

that has happened so far

between you and me

and whatsoever has to happen.

In fact, It is time to revisit

our past, present, and future


there is always

something a visible barrier


your conscious and

my conscious

We need to shake our individual


in order to find out the

common parts of both the circles

that are overlapping and that are not.

Because it is important

to stop a bit and learn now

that we should have done

many years back.

Let us understand clearly

the LOC (line of credit)

we owe to each other

and how much it is bending

you and me to the opposite sides

thereby creating an imbalance between us.


I don’t see anything beyond you

when you are in front of me

but then I see a lot across.

That is why it is time to revisit

LOC (Line of Control)

between you and me

and see if it is crawling

like a serpant

eating some part of your life

and some part of mine

and thus reducing the size of



It is time to revisit

LOC (Loss of consciousness)

between moon and sun

thus balancing the

relation of love and hate

and making the game of

hide and seek more and more


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It is time to revisit

LOC (Lines of code)

that some power wrote

many years back

thus creating many

endless loops

of looking into each other’s


Probably whosoever

has written that code

has no intentions to rewrite

the code but still

why do we feel the need of that

to happen.


Do you still search

for any kind of line

between you and me

that initially neither of us

never intended to.

It is Time to Revisit

As a matter of fact,

neither either

realized ever

any need to revisit.

But somehow that

time to revisit









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