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Throne Day of Morocco Greetings To The King and the People of Morocco

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17th Throne Day of Morocco is on July 30, 2016. Every year on this day the Kingdom of Morocco celebrates Throne Day. This is also known as the Throne Day of the King. The 14th Throne Day of Morocco was celebrated on July 30th, 2013. King Mohammed VI chaired and commemorated the event. This day is festively celebrated in Morocco. Alternatively, it is also known as Feast of the Throne. Every country has its own culture and festivals. If you visit Morocco during this period, you will have a first-hand experience of a lot of cultural activities and excitement there. Although Morocco is not a country of a plenty of festivities. But this is one of the most traditional festivals there. While local people celebrate it at full bloom, the visitors enjoy the same.

Throne Day of Morocco is a symbol of honoring the King and his possession of the throne. Since 1999, Mohammed VI is the king of Morocco. He is August 21, 1963, born. This is the day of rejoicing and festivity. While the Royal Palace hosts the festivities, all cities and villages across the country don’t miss the celebrations. This is among the very special days of the country. As a matter of fact, the King never misses a chance to address the nation. This address may happen anytime during the festivities.

His Majesty King Mohammed VI is 53 years old. Even before he ascended the throne in 1999, he was engaged in country’s politics for a long time. He is the son of late King Hassan II. It is his father who could prepare him so well to become a successful successor.

Throne Day of Morocco Greetings

King Mohammed is B.A. in law. As a matter of fact, he has done CES in political science and DEA in public law also. He has also the President of the European Commission learning in Brussels. Although this is a pretty good bouquet of qualifications he is also Ph.D. in Law with distinction. His Ph.D. is from French University of Nice Sophia Antipolis. He is also an honorary degree holder from the George Washington University in 2000. As a matter of fact, he has done this to promote democracy in his country.

Throne Day
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While King Mohammed is quite active, he is very concerned about his country. As a matter of fact, Mudawana is his creation. Mudawana is a new family code that aims to empower women in many ways.

The President of India, Pranab Mukherjee is happy to extend his greetings and felicitations to the King and people of Morocco on this occasion. While conveying his message to His Majesty King Mohammed VI on the eve of Throne Day of Morocco, he is sending warm greetings and felicitations. As a matter of fact, this is on behalf of the whole country. Although the two countries are far apart there are close relations between the two. While both the countries have witnessed significant expansion and growth, there are many commonalities. Both the countries share common views on various regional and global issues. This includes the need for reform of the United Nations Security Council.

Throne Day of Morocco Greetings from President of India

During the Third India Africa Forum in October 2015 in New Delhi, the King was there with his ministers. Similarly their Minister of Energy, Mining, Water and Environment was present in the Fourth India-Africa Hydrocarbon Conference in New Delhi in January this year. It provided an opportunity to jointly focus on widening cooperation in the key area of common interest.

Hamid Ansari, Vice-President of India recently was in Morocco on an official visit. It was quite fruitful. As a matter of fact, there were discussions with Morocco’s leaders on enhancing bilateral cooperation.

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