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Three Minutes of Eternity by Alon Amir – A Feel Of Stifle

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Three Minutes of Eternity by Alon Amir has 35 chapters. It is about inside stories of Eurovision. Whosoever has a connection with Eurovision in Israel knows Alon Amir very well. It is about his expertise, professionalism, and perfectionism. In fact, Alon Amir is an encyclopedia of Eurovision in Israel. They say if it is Eurovision, it can’t happen without Alon. The story is about a reality check. It is about a different kind of experience in Eurovision Song Contest by a participant/contestant Yarden Oz. On one hand, it is a story of politics, corruption, and shenanigans. On the other hand, there is romance, thrill, and adventure. Yanai is the Head of Press for the delegation participating in Eurovision. That year it was happening in Baku, Azerbaijan. In fact, the place is having an open border with Iran. Moreover, it is a Muslim dominant country. Nobody is sure of safety.

Vadim, the security officer cautions the team staying at The Marriott about terrorists and other potential threats. One has to stay away from vulnerabilities as much as possible. Niv Zalah, the Assistant Head of the delegation is a gay. The complete first floor of the hotel is reserved for the delegation and hence maintaining discipline and decorum is important for everyone. Hearing gunshots at night in the corridors or around the hotel is quite possible. All members have to stay inside their hotel rooms at night. The situation is scary, in fact. But then, for the delegation, it is important to participate in Eurovision and give their best. There is a lot of action and suspense in Three Minutes of Eternity by Alon Amir.

Three Minutes Of Eternity

Three Minutes of Eternity by Alon Amir Is Full Of Action

As the Israeli delegation is staying on Floor one of the hotel, Hungarian delegation is staying on Floor eleven. Likewise, every floor has a delegation from some country or the other. Will it turn out to be a moment of stifle? Overall, Three Minutes of Eternity by Alon Amir is quite engaging and will give you enough of entertainment.



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