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The Tummy Section Delivers Low Budget High Value Food

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The Tummy Section is delivering food at almost negligible cost. The food is no less in quality, taste, or preparation except few points of improvement. But against those points of improvement, there are many specialties that will draw you towards their dishes. Some of the dishes are extraordinary. Some are very good. And very few would need some further innovation. As a matter of fact, the food industry is evolving at a very fast pace. In fact, the number of restaurants that have come up during last two years in Delhi-NCR is almost equal to the number of restaurants that opened during last 10 years. Definitely, when a city grows, everything in its ecosystem grows. Especially in metro cities, this growth becomes exponential. And when it comes to Delhi, the city of food lovers, it is beyond expectations. That is what is happening in the food industry in Delhi.

The Tummy Section is a good place for two extremities. Firstly, it is an extremely low budget delivery joint. Probably it is the game of volumes that helps in crossing the breakeven point faster. Secondly, the food is quite tasty and delicious. In fact, I would recommend everyone to try at least some of their dishes in first go. These are Ramly Burger and Crispy Soya Strips. Ramly Burger contains egg and is quite juicy. Unlike burgers from other places, it does not give a feeling of dryness at all. Similarly, Crispy Soya Strips are fabulous. And I feel totally unique. In fact, I have never seen or tasted them anywhere else. The strips have a fine and crispy coating of cornflakes that makes it tastier. Basically, it is soft Soya strip with a crispy covering of cornflakes.

The Tummy Section Burgers Are Fabulous

I also had Fully Loaded Chicken Pizza and Creamy Drums of Heaven from The Tummy Section. Former needs a lot of improvement. In fact, it is a too fat base with an overly huge quantity of topping and ingredients. It is the base, actually, that needs improvement. Firstly, its baking has to be uniform. And secondly, it should be a little thinner. And if the toppings are a little lesser, even then it will taste good, rather better. Currently, whatever amount of toppings you have, the too thick base makes it little raw, difficult to chew, and less tasty. On the other hand, Creamy Drums of Heaven are fabulous. So creamy with perfect preparation. The veg Manchurian balls in Veg Chinese Combo with Noodles were too hard. Need to be softer. Rather, no hardness should be there.

On the other hand, Chicken Manchurian Balls in Non-Veg Chinese Combo With Fried Rice was okay. Rice and Noodles are fine. Overall, a yummy experience from The Tummy Section except for a big annoying point. The packing. The packing for dishes with curry needs a better alternative. A Box or bowl for Manchurian with Gravy rather than packing them in plastic bags or polythenes. The Tummy Section is another station to my food journey.

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