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The Talion Tale By Rahul Apte A Must For Every Patriot #TheTalionTale

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The Talion Tale by Rahul Apte is a story of redemption. In fact, it is a story of guts and glory. This book is not merely a story. It is beyond that. Something that will imprint on your mind for a long time. And will keep probing you internally time and again to question your purpose of life. No, it is not a self-improvement book. In fact, it is a thriller that will keep you on your toes right since beginning till end. The story is engrossing and the presentation of the story is magnificent. We all live. But how many of us love with a purpose? In fact, how many of us have a meaningful aim in life? And the power to become capable of making your dreams come true? The book deserves a place in every home, every heart, every school of art, science, and commerce.

In fact, The Talion Tale by Rahul Apte is a case study and a set of guidelines for everyone. Especially for the people in government, army, police, and special task forces. In my opinion, this book deserves a special accolade from the government. The Talion Tale is regarding a dream. A bigger dream. A dream for a fearless world. It is an effort to think about the world that is free from terror. Whether it is India, Tibet, Sri Lanka, Palestine, Israel, timeframes any other part of the world. Every place has a right to live a terror free life. Any that can happen only with a sense of hope and dream. But stopping there will not work. Every good need to stand up to evil. In fact, if every person on this Earth some amount of good again evil, the latter will automatically reduce in size and power.

The Talion Tale Is About Self Redemption

The evil of terror expands only at the cost of forbearing, tolerating, and accepting it. It is like giving it a permission to do whatever terrorists want to do in lack of raising a voice and action against action. In fact the good should act before even evil starts thinking to act. That is what the book tries to convey. The story of The Talion Tale will take you to three countries as the story moves. It takes a complete circle starting in India and closing in India. In between the reader travels to various places in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The story runs in two timeframe in parallel. And at one moment of time both the timelines intercept. In fact, all this happens in a flawless manner as if you witnessing every bit of action, suspense, thrill, pain, torture, and frustration.

The Story of The Talion Tale goes like this. Jamshed Hyatt Khan aka Jimmy is the only son of Major Sikander Hyatt Khan and Nargis. Sikander is an IMA Dehradun pass out with flying colors and a successful soldier in Naga Regiment of Indian Army. Nargis is the only child of Ibrahim Ali, Professor of Literature, Delhi University. Sikander and Nargis are a union of two very different cultures and the same is visible in the young Jimmy. While Sikander is quite adamant and rude, Nargis is totally opposite in nature. She is very adjusting and compromising. That makes Jimmy a kind of rebel. The development of characters in the story is so natural that it goes well with its theme. While Jimmy has some different goals and dreams during his schooling, his father has set different goals for his son.

The Talion Tale Scores Your Patriotism

The two are totally contrasting in the story of The Talion Tale. Finally, Sikander wins in sending his son to Indian Army despite his resentment. But Jimmy’s no-surrender attitude makes him successful in Army and gets his first posting in trouble driven Kashmir. Jimmy is in love with his email-classmate Neha. Neha is Colonel Singh’s daughter. Both Colonel Singh and Major Sikander are in the same Regiment and location. Finally, both the parents agree for their marriage and celebration meeting is to happen in Mumbai. A shocking 26/11 terror attack happens in Mumbai in the Taj Mahal, the Oberoi Trident Hotel, and Nariman House. And Jimmy on reaching Mumbai from Kashmir meets the biggest shock of his life losing every single person in his life.

That brings a major turn in his own life. In fact, that makes his life completely meaningless and directionless. A ruthless storm brings Jimmy’s life to a standstill. But there was something else written in his fate. And he gets the biggest mission of his life. A mission to revenge not only for his own loss but for the loss to the nation and humanity. But the acceptance of this mission is a sure death for him. A complete loss of his identity but not the entity. He accepts it and the same moment army comes to know about his death. What next? Now, who will take charge of the things and complete the mission? You need to read this engrossing and thrilling story of The Talion Tale by Rahul Apte. The story has a large number of characters. And none of the characters are useless or out of context.

The Talion Tale is Painted on Larger Than Life Canvas

Every character in The Talion Tale, good or bad, has a substantial role to play and has a significant place in the story. Who knows if the novel will become best-selling first or sooner some Bollywood director will make a Blockbuster movie based on the action packed story of The Talion Tale. In fact, the title and cover gel well with the storyline.

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