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The Secret of Being Together by Amos and Tsafy Tsur

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The Secret of Being Together by Amos Tsur and Tsafy Tsur is about couplehood. It talks about not a very popular but unique kind of couple’s therapy. It drives you towards a deep learning about your own relationship. In fact, it also helps you in improving and enriching your relationship. And obviously who wouldn’t love to make it happen in life. This book, as a matter of fact, helps you take your relationship to next level. Demonstration enables learning. This book works on this principle. In fact, it is learning by demonstration. The book lets you glance through the journeys of other couples. Like, each chapter exemplifies the life journey of a different couple thus making you understand their problems and how did they tackle those. It is, in fact, good to see that those couples never let any problem in their life hamper relationship to emerge winners.

The Secret of Being Together

The Secret of Being Together by Amos Tsur and Tsafy Tsur, in a way, tries to tell that there is no straight line formula to handle issues in life. Every couple has its own unique way to face issues. This book from Israeli authors, in fact, is one of the best sellers. In addition, it is also a reference point for couple’s counselors. The book takes you on a healing journey taking various paths. In fact, it also touches the principles of Buddhism, Psychology, Hypnosis, Energy, and Intuition. Overall, a must read for all couples irrespective of your country, religion, or belief mechanism. Especially for couples who are passing through turbulent waters, this book is a gem. Since Amos and Tsafy Tsur are into marriage counseling, the writing brings a lot of experience in it. In fact, it is a collection of real life insights.

The Secret of Being Together Is For Togetherness

The key focus stays on the institution of marriage. There are cases where love ceases to exist after few years of marriage. In fact, the life that was full of sweetness initially becomes sour at some point of life. That is where The Secret of Being Together by Amos Tsur and Tsafy Tsur becomes helpful. Logically, don’t wait for that sourness to occur. Grab the book and read it.





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