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The Light Between The Shadows by Tsukiko Spark – A Complex Mystery

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The Light Between The Shadows by Tsukiko Spark is a complex mystery that you will enjoy solving along with Ben Brattler. Ben is the central character of this plot full of mystery and complexity. In fact, you will find yourself thinking and resolve the mystery with the same gravity and intensity as Ben’s. Of course, the story is intense. But then the credit goes to Tsukiko Spark who has a magic of presenting a complex story in such a simple way that grabs your attention right the moment you start reading the book. Also, the story is quite engaging in such a way that it forces you to finish the book in one go. There is a depth in the plot thus creating some complex situations as you progress reading the book.

The Light Between The Shadows

The Light Between The Shadows by Tsukiko Spark is not a usual book in many ways. It is the story of a smart and handsome athlete, Ben Brattler who is 29-year-old. He is passionate about practicing Aikido (Japanese martial art). And that is one of the top most priority for him on a regular basis. But it is not that he is devoid of enjoying his life to the fullest. He lives his life in a best possible way keeping right kind of balance intact. He enjoys parties and restaurants. On top of it, he has a dream job to perform in his father’s successful advertising company. Being successful in all streams of his life and an outward personality, he is a star in a real sense. Ben is welcomed everywhere.

The Light Between The Shadows Is Intense

In The Light Between The Shadows by Tsukiko Spark, Ben has another side of his personality too. He keeps switching beautiful women in his life. And the same goes true for his personal assistant. He is about to finish an important project related to his job so that he can go for a long vacation. But all of a sudden things start changing shapes. One fine day Ben finds himself in a strange place. His hands tied behind his back, legs tied, and eyes covered. And he does not remember how he reached that place. On top of it, he is wearing just his Aikido pants. That is when the story becomes completely mindboggling. And you will start thinking who is behind all this.

Just like Ben in The Light Between The Shadows by Tsukiko Spark, you will also start trying to figure out. It could be Ben’s father who wants a high level of discipline in Ben’s life and finds it missing in him. Or it could be his friend Fred for some crazy reason. It could also be Tina, Ben’s ex-girlfriend. You need to figure it out in this intense story. For that, you will have to grab a copy of The Light Between The Shadows.

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