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The Five Shields And The Lost Souls by Ilan Dvir – Now Or Never

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The Five Shields And The Lost Souls by Ilan Dvir is a has 29 chapters. This is an interesting story of five teenagers. Thus it qualifies for readers of any genre. The story is of five teenagers hailing from various parts of the world. These five teenagers discover at the time of their thirteenth birthday that they are not normal children. In fact, they are carrying some extraordinary shielding or protecting powers for the purpose of sustaining a balance between good and evil. Each of them has a mysterious and powerful gem in possession. Though they have abundant energies and powers, the missions they are going to undertake requires more than that. This mission is about to change their lives forever. In fact, they are about to start a new journey of their life to face daunting tasks and a difficult mission and powerful enemies to fight against.

The Five Shields And The Lost Souls by Ilan Dvir - Now Or Never

Rose is one of those teenagers having mysterious powers. Thirteen years back Henri and Aline hear a sharp knock on their door in the middle of the night. Upon opening the door they find a newborn baby on their doorstep. The baby has a mysterious ring in her blanket. The couple decides to keep the baby as their own child without revealing it to anybody that she is not their own child. But they didn’t realize at that moment that every secret on this earth carries a price tag. Neither Rose could, being too young at that time. For the young kids after realizing their powers, that first task ahead is to free the lost souls before the things go out of control. But that can happen only after defeating Darco and his men. And if it doesn’t happen, the balance of all existence will go haywire.

The Five Shields Is An Interesting Teenage Fiction


The ultimate goal of the five children is to ensure the equilibrium between good and evil in The Five Shields And The Lost Souls by Ilan Dvir. Their fight is against sinister behind the dark forces of Darco. They have to win at any cost to avoid total destruction. It is, in fact, a fight between light and dark where light has to triumph. Because if light loses, darkness will grab the total control and then nobody will be able to survive. The five shields have to prevail. Melvin, Ben, Jasmine, Rose, and May have to fight and win at any cost.

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