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The Dreadful Tango in Paris by Charles Z David #TechnoThriller

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The Dreadful Tango in Paris: Islamic terror strikes the Colonialists, Crusaders and Communists (Techno thriller, Mystery & Suspense Book 5) by Charles Z David is book 5 of 5 in this series. The story is full of suspense right from the word go. In fact, characterization and storytelling are brilliant. Probably this would be one of the best thrillers with so many engrossing moments. The plot has many turbulent sequences with a lot of twists. Every twist is suspenseful and beyond expectation. The story revolves around a leading French professor, Le Docteur. The professor has devastating ill intentions and for this, he needs to join hands with bigger power working in the same direction. Thus, he joins hands with the terrorist groups Al Qaeda and ISIS.

The Dreadful Tango in Paris

The professor, in fact, wants to create a new Islamist world. And he knows that to achieve this he will have to create chaos and panic in the world. The reason behind his evil intentions lies in his severe hatred towards the West. The Dreadful Tango in Paris thus intends to entertain you with a lot of thrill. The professor develops NEMESIS which is a terrorist group. And this terrorist group, in fact, hates communists, Christians, Jews, and colonialists. The group thus goes against these four via various conventional and non-conventional activities. These terrorist activities start happening across Europe thus raising a global alarm. Thus in wake of these series of attacks, a situation of panic starts building up. All of a sudden, a number of serious incidents establish these indications of panic.

The Dreadful Tango in Paris Is A Super Toast of Suspense and Thrill

The story of The Dreadful Tango in Paris thus takes a serious turn. A plane crash in mysterious circumstances, a biological disorder turning harmless bacteria in the body into pathogenic form thus causing death are some of those incidents. A state of fear thus evolves all around the world. All this starts impacting the economy, political situation, culture, and harmony. And this gives more strength to the extremist right wing. But that is not the end. A lot more severe is there to happen. Rather two intelligence officers, one from Israel and another from France are given a chance to break this jinx. Will the duo succeed? How much will further damage professor Le Docteur cause? Just grab a copy of The Dreadful Tango in Paris.

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