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The Addams House Gurgaon A Great Place To Dine and Drink

The Addams House is a casual dining place with a great difference. Firstly, it is serene and calm ambiance. Secondly, the decorum and atmosphere match the place. Thirdly, i is quite spacious. Overall, it gives you a satisfaction to its entirety. On top of everything, the food preparation is fabulous. I would love to visit The Addams House anytime again.  There are many reasons fo this. It is a huge place. Tables are quite spacious. There is a mix of seating. If you want to relax to a larger extent take sofas, or sit opposite on chairs. In fact, if you are visiting with family, you can decide among the family members about seating preferences. But this doesn’t mean that chairs are uncomfortable. Rather those are equally spacious and cömfortable. The place really looks like the large hall of a house. You feel Addams family around.

The Addams House Gurgaon

The place really looks like the large dining hall of a house. You feel Addams family around.It is because of the carving on walls, sculpturing on pillars, and paintings around. The atmosphere is really cool, calm, and delightful. Rather, there is no loud music to disturb you. In fact, I have seen when there is loud music at dining places, it makes you shout to talk to each other. But that is generally in pubs and bars.

The Addams House Gurgaon

The Addams House Review

In starters, I would crave for Rajma Chawal Balls the Addams Way anytime. That is about the veg starter. In non-veg, Smoked Mutton Galauti is yummy. You must try Fosters Experiment and Addams Boat House in Pizzas. In fact, there is a lot more to savor among American and Italian recipes. If you love freshly brewed beers, you must give it a try here. There are three varieties of fresh brew beer at The Addams House. I tried the lighter shade with ‘German’ in its name somewhere. It is quite good in taste.

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