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Terrorist Sanctuaries or Terrorist Safe Havens – Who Favors and Why?

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There are two kinds of countries across the globe. On one side are those fighting against terrorism. And on the other side are those producing terror and terrorists thus promoting terrorism. Even a young child from any country can name the country that is having the most count of terrorist sanctuaries.  In fact, people especially the youth of that country itself are gradually going against the forces within that country that are responsible for this. Because they are the biggest sufferers of this madness of a few people having power. And what about their coming generations? Who will answer them whatever privileges and growth they will not be able to get and witness is a result of this mental disease those few are carrying and thus marring all ambitions and opportunities in their country.

terrorist sanctuaries
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Obviously, Pakistan tops the list and is on the top for last so many years. They are promoting these terrorist sanctuaries in the country because of many personal and official interests. One big revolution in the country by youth and everything can change. The same country that mushrooms terrorists and terrorism can also become a developing country. It can also grow and prosper like any other peace-loving countries. Probably there are certain external powers too that want Pakistan to stay as it is. In fact, a poll within the country can clearly reflect what the current population of the country prefers. Whether they want growth or the same kind of deteriorating conditions. As a matter of fact, whatever is the size of power promoting terrorism and terrorists in the country will have to close their shops one day.

Terrorist Sanctuaries Need To Be Curbed

U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis says there is no point in tolerating terrorist safe havens and terrorist sanctuaries. He also pledges to work together with India to end this global ulcer. Obviously, the indication is towards the country that is scathingly favoring these anti-human activities.  Why a country would harbor militants across the globe is really a point of global worry.

“There can be no tolerance of terrorist safe havens. As global leaders, India and the United States resolve to work together to eradicate this scourge,” he says in a statement.

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