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Poetry: I Would Have Become A Terrorist Healer #Passion

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What if I say I want to become a Terrorist Healer?

Nobody has a right to take anybody’s life.

Not even the law

but then the law is meant to punish a culprit

and hence it is supposed to impose the severest punishment of death for rare crimes.


If I had not to work for a living

If all that was taken care of

Automatically by me having a

Fat account in bank in such a


Then I would have looked around

To see where I am needed the most

Where I can give my best

And what gives me the happiness

Of my life.


I did the same and found

Terrorism is a big black spot

On the heart of humanity.

I asked myself

What can I do to eradicate it?

Can I become a Terrorist Healer?

Killing terrorists will not suffice the purpose

You kill one and you find ten in place.

Terrorism is a wound.

It is a disease.

It needs a healing.

In fact, it needs a terrorist healer.

It needs a guiding factor

To show them the light of the day

So that the killer wanderers

Do not get lost in the darkness forever.

A terrorist has no name.

A cancer is a cancer

So is the terrorism.

I would have become a

Terrorist healer.

I would have gone places

Where they live.

Or rather where they hide.

I would have spoken to them.

Shown them the reality outside.

Shown them that there are real terrorists

Bigger than them

Living in the society

Living in cities, towns and villages,

Appearing normal.

Terrorist Healer To Teach A terrorist To Love Himself First

Terrorist Healer
Photo by obbino on Visual hunt / CC BY-NC

The real fight should be against those terrorists

that do not kill with gund in open

but keep wounding the society

in various manners

through various means.

Is there a measure to ascertain?

Which set of terrorists are

more dangerous?

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