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Tashan Is Cool, Calm, With Great Food But Priced High #Tashan

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Tashan is in M-Block market, GK-II (Greater Kailash). If you are around you must visit this place for a unique kind of experience it offers. Though it is a small place with a capacity of 35-40, there is a calmness in this place that makes your dining experience fabulous. The serenity will be a boon to your tasteful experience. The food matches well with the name of the restaurant. The posh locality where it is gives it a privilege to charge high. Otherwise, space, food, ambiance, preparation, taste, and service are good though but don’t demand such a high value of food which is approx 2000 INR for two persons. There are fine dining places having the same cost of INR 2000 and are much larger and better in all aspects.

So either Tashan should change its stance from Casual Dining Modern Indian Restaurant to Fine Dine Restaurant and keep same prices else bring its prices a little lower. A suggestion for this place is to provide a side plate for Bread when you serve the main course. It happens in all casual dining restaurants. Otherwise keeping Bread in the main plate with gravy vegetables makes it messy and uncomfortable. Tashan is almost square in shape. Right opposite the entrance is the bar. Behind the bar is the kitchen. And rest of the space goes to 8-9 tables and the billing and service counter. There is no screen in the restaurant. Probably that adds a value to its theme of calmness. There is light music that keeps playing in the background.

Tashan Offers Fabulous Food

If we talk about the USP of this place it is its fabulous food. And then come the supporting agents like service, ambiance, serenity, hospitality etc. They have a number of signature dishes that are unique in taste and preparation. There is a good variety of high quality of liquor. In starters, we had Mushroom Galauti Kebab, Baingan Ki Chat, Mutton Tacos, Chicken Filo Roll. Mushroom Galauti Kebab is good. Baingan Ki Chaat is completely a unique concept but it was short of salt this nullifying its taste. Appropriate salt would double its taste. Mutton Tacos is a DIY (Do it yourself) project. You get four chutneys, pancake (appam) and Mutton separately. So add each as per your taste and requirement. Chicken Filo Rolls are good. Its softness makes it more delicious.

In the Main course, we had Chicken Toofani, Gold Boti Rafout, Dal Makhani, and Paneer Hungama. Contrary to Baingan Ki Chaat, this time salt in Dal Makhani and Chicken Toofani was a bit on the higher side. That was a spoiler for Dal Makhani that could have been otherwise one of the best dishes of the day. Paneer Hungama is a wonderful dish with a tasteful stuffing. This is one of the must have dish. In fact, the gravy also has a taste of a different mix of spices. Good Boti Rafout is also one of the best preparations. Chicken pieces in Chicken Toofani are also optimally cooked. In Assortment of Breads, we had Lachcha Prantha, Missi Roti, Thyme Naan, and Pudina Prantha. All the breads are excellent.

Tashan Desserts Are Unique

Finally, in Desserts, we had Bhuni Roti Ka Halwa, Baked Yogurt, and Motichoor Laddoo Rabri Crepes. All three are signature dishes and a must try. In fact, baked Yogurt is the best dessert for health conscious persons. Overall, Tashan is a good experience in casual dining in terms of good food, calm atmosphere, quality, and service. You must visit if you are around.

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