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Swiss National Day Foundation of the Swiss Confederacy

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It is about Swiss Confederation founding in 1291. Since 1891, Swiss National Day is on first of August. While it is since 1891, the holiday is declared from 1994. The celebration is a big occasion in the country. To clarify, the date refers to a historic alliance by the three cantons Schwyz, Unterwalden, and Uri. This alliance was in 1291. Moreover, this alliance was to become the foundation of the Switzerland of today. As a matter of fact, the Switzerland of today is because of this foundation. In addition, Swiss National Day is of esteem important in the country.

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On the eve of Swiss National Day, the President of India, Pranab Mukherjee is extending his greetings and felicitations to the Government and people of the Swiss Confederation. The eve of National Day of Swiss Confederation is August 1, 2016. Specifically, the message reads:

On behalf of the Government, the people of India and on my own behalf, it is with great pleasure that I extend warm greetings and felicitations to Your Excellency and to the people of the Swiss Confederation on the occasion of your National Day.” The message is from President of India to His Excellency Johann N. Schneider-Ammann. Johann N. Schneider-Ammann is the President of Swiss Confederation.

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India and Switzerland share warm and cordial relations historically. As a matter of fact Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi’s recent visit to Switzerland underlines that bonding. The President of India is hopeful that the two countries will keep on striving to work together. Importantly it will advance friendly ties between the two countries. And to the mutual benefit of the people of both countries.

Swiss National Day is on August 1, 2016

Here is the message from President Pranab Mukherjee:

“I take this opportunity to convey my best wishes for Your Excellency’s good health and well-being and for the continued progress and prosperity of the friendly people of the Swiss Confederation.”

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