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Sukhna Lake Chandigarh Prospering Life, Energy and Discipline

Sukhna Lake is a great symbol of unity in Chandigarh. You go early morning here and find a different kind of positive energy. And you will fïnd it in abundance. It is a superb combïnation of youth and old from both genders. There is no gap between rich and poor here at Sukhna Lake. Because all enjoy the same amount of nature around. Sun rising from the other end of the lake appears as if emerging out of the water of Sukhna Lake. Every time I visit Chandigarh, I never miss visiting the lake. In fact, I have been here at various hours of the day. And I found the early morning visit the best of all.

There are multiple entry and exit points. An early morning visit is very inspiring and energizing here. You will find a lot of persons of the varied age of both genders exercising, jogging, running, or playing. Walking or jogging along the side of the lake throughout is quite wonderful. In fact, I remember a fun instance just outside the entrance. A senior police officer going for a walk was surrounded by his subordinates who were probably his personal assistants. As a matter of fact, he might not have permission to go alone, be it a morning walk.

sukhna lake photo
Photo by Aleksandr Zykov

Sukhna Lake Chandigarh

And after your exercise, if you wish to relax in the snacks area you will find a great discipline there. You will find more than ten dustbins around. And that itself reminds you not to throw empty cups, plates, or any wastes here and there. In fact, you will automatically adopt the culture to throw them in the dustbin. There is a great message I find at Sukhna Lake every time I visit here. As a matter of fact, it conveys many things.  Like, health is important, discipline is prime, and respect nature by all means.

Photo by Aleksandr Zykov

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