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Story Of Children Of War – #BecomingAssiya Book Launch @BecomingAssiya

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I am sure everyone would be wondering why a final year literature student is writing a story of children of war. While writers of double her age are busy writing stories of 2 States and so on, it is remarkable to touch a serious subject. And that too when Simran Keshwani, the author of Becoming Assiya is just 20. But her thinking, writing, and storytelling capabilities are far beyond her age. The book has become quite popular soon after its launch on 21st February 2017 in Delhi. Probably the idea of writing this story comes to Simran from her mother Seema Keshwani. Simran calls her a true daughter of war. In fact, so many things keep happening around us. The call comes from within to select a subject when you plan to write a story. [sociallocker id=”1977″]

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As Simran recounts on arriving at a conclusion to write a story on children of war was not an easy decision. She says, “I remember my first tryst with War came rushing to my door in the form of a neat hardbound book with verses written in Urdu. We are all children of War, and my ancestors were landlords in Pakistan. They felt the horror of war at its face value, a horror no words could capture. When a woman’s breast lay desecrated on the street and a child was beheaded in front of the mother, such was the gory horror that the Partition brought. The book I had found was my great grandmother’s memoir of the War. It is the only childhood treasure I have known. I think, that book, even though I lacked the knowledge to interpret the loss entwined in its pages, screamed to something in my soul. We all carry the wounds of a distant past within our DNA. It is an inescapable fact, and it is up to us, the Children of the Present, to learn from the past, carry it along, but not repeat it.”

Story Of Children Of War

The story of children of war is definitely a touchy topic by Simran Keshwani. Becoming Assiya is just a beginning. As Simran narrates, “I have always believed that Human life is demarcated with thin fine lines. Between fear, conformity, hate, acceptance, and love. It is very hard to ascertain one from the other. And the graph which they lie on, that of an uncertain mortal life, very often throws them in together. They coalesce, they intermix. One little slip and we land on another end of the spectrum altogether. What is happening to the world today, is a narrative of Hate and Fear. To combat the Fear of the Unknown, we must extend a hand and know the Other. Somewhere between love and hate lies acceptance, and that is the toughest emotion humans can endure. Perhaps, that’s what we have forgotten.”

She further adds, “Becoming Assiya is the journey of a Syrian girl through the crevices of time and the ravages of war, in an attempt to find herself and regain her lost identity. What inspired me to embark on such a riveting and tense journey with my protagonist was a feeling that in times of collective tragedy and fear, what stands towering above Hate is Courage and Love. And those two can only come through conscious efforts. The Word is my catalyst. This is my conscious effort to throw an echo of acceptance and love into a World of Hate.”

Story of Children of War

I am sure with this story of children of war, a transformation is on its way. To make a cocoon realize the beauty of a butterfly. The journey has just begun. There is a long way to go. In fact, it is a point of realization in a drop to become an ocean. [/sociallocker]

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