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Story Of Children Of War – #BecomingAssiya Book Launch @BecomingAssiya

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I am sure everyone would be wondering why a final year literature student is writing a story of children of war. While writers of double her age are busy writing stories of 2 States and so on, it is remarkable to touch a serious subject. And that too when Simran Keshwani, the author of Becoming Assiya is just 20. But her thinking, writing, and storytelling capabilities are far beyond her age. The book has become quite popular soon after its launch on 21st February 2017 in Delhi. Probably the idea of writing this story comes to Simran from her mother Seema Keshwani. Simran calls her a true daughter of war. In fact, so many things keep happening around us. The call comes from within to select a subject when you plan to write a story.

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