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Story Goes On – A Short Story

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Rohan is absent again. The class teacher, Mrs. Brigenza, is angry. She gets angry very soon. Everybody knows. It is more than three days. Nobody has any information. Even Kishore doesn’t have any idea.  Kishore is Rohan’s closest friend. In fact, he is the only friend Rohan has. Rohan is an above-age child. He thinks beyond his age. His interests, too, are entirely different from others. When his classmates are busy in their daily tantrums and time wasting activities, Rohan is either reading a book or looking deep into the sky. The books he reads are superior level literature books. And when he looks into the sky, it seems as if he is talking to someone. Rohan believes in life. He treats life as a story. And to make life interesting, every story goes on from one level to another.

Kishore is wondering why Rohan is not coming to school for the last four days. As a rule of the school, Rohan must have submitted a leave application. But he hasn’t done so. “I must visit Rohan’s house today.” thought Kishore. This has never happened earlier.

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“Kishore,” Mrs. Brigenza announced his name. He quickly had to jerk off his thoughts about Rohan. “You must visit Rohan’s house today and inquire.” She said. But she is really worrying now about Rohan.

Story Goes On

“Yes, Madam”, Kishore replied promptly.

Mrs. Brigenza is worrying about Rohan. All must be well with my 5th Grade student, she thinks and prays to God.

Kishore reaches Rohan’s home in the evening. But he finds nobody there. There is a lock on the main door. And so goes Kishore’s mind.

“What should I do now?” he thinks.

He knows the neighbors well as he keeps visiting Rohan’s house occasionally. Kishore knows Rohan’s family is quite popular around. His father is a scientist. His mother is a research scholar with country’s top Aerospace company. He decides to contact Rohan’s neighbors. He knows he would get some concrete information there about Rohan and his family. And so he presses the doorbell of one of the neighbors.

Rohan opened the door that surprised Kishore. “I am so sorry Kishore that I couldn’t inform anybody. There was a problem at home. All the doors, interiors, and panels started malfunctioning. Mom has been busy in her research and Dad is on a highly confidential project. So I stayed at home as someone had to attend to it. Since Mom and Dad, both are out of town, I am staying with our neighbor. The job is over. I would be joining the school tomorrow.”

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