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Startup Dream Project Idea – Pebble Malls and Hotels of India

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Am I an entrepreneur? Well, you decide after reading this post. I have a Startup Dream Project. My idea could be weird. But my concept of business is slightly different. I feel when you run after money, it runs away from you. As a matter of fact, any business that talks of the welfare of masses grows substantially. Even though if it is a fake impression in the beginning. It wins. But then that happens for a shorter duration. The moment consumer learns about the wrong tendencies behind, it starts impacting the business. If you run a show with good intentions, it returns back with good results. That is the fact of life. And that is the foundation of my startup dream project.

My startup dream project is like this. I plan to come up with a chain of malls and hotels across the country. And probably, soon to launch on a global front. The concept, vision, and policies are slightly different.

First of all, every walk-in to my any of the malls or hotels will have a welcome drink. In fact, this will be without assessing if in return I am getting business or not. Every floor will have a large parking space. So that the person drives to his respective floor and parks the vehicle. While going if the person is on a different floor, his vehicle will be there. All parking area will be technically rich. In fact, all operations will be robotic. This is one bit of #MyStartupIdea. Any cab or auto driving customers to my hotel will get that day’s ration supply for his family. In fact, irrespective of the number of members in his family.

My Startup Dream Project Idea

You might be finding my dream startup project idea running wild. As a matter of fact, that is absolutely true.

Every place where I have my mall  or hotel, I will adopt nearest and poorest locality at each respective location. Health, education, training, employment of that locality will be our responsibility. Similarly, if a customer has a complaint regarding food, his whole meal will be free in the restaurant of my hotel. In fact, if anyone gives a suggestion too, will be free to eat in my hotel’s restaurant. There will be a special training for the staff on duty that day. This will be to ensure that the same complaint doesn’t arise ever again. And in fact, the ideas given by a customer are implemented.

That is my crazy, innovative, empowering, and slightly different concept of startup dream project. Hope you join my venture soon. I would love to see you as a part of my business ecosystem.

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