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Spring Conference 2017 at Fintech Valley Vizag #SpringConference

Spring Conference 2017 at Fintech Valley Vizag witnesses overwhelming participation. There were many global companies participating in the event. In fact, it is Andhra Pradesh government’s project to develop Vizag as a national and global giant for fintech initiatives. Most of the participating companies came up with quite innovative projects. In all, there were 30 international delegations attending the event. And overall, there were not less than 150 startups competing in four Fintech challenges. Out of this around 40% participation was from across 15 countries. These global companies include those from Singapore, Switzerland, and Japan. March 9 was a historical day for Andhra Pradesh. It was the inauguration of Spring Conference 2017 at Novotel, Visakhapatnam. This marks the beginning of a new era in shape of Fintech Valley. In fact, this is just a start of a flagship initiative.

This initiative aims to bring together industry, academia, and investors to work together in an innovative manner to co-create and build the fintech ecosystem. As a matter of fact, this would be a unique platform where the financial experts and startup community will get a chance to share mind-space with a wide range of experts from various streams of the profession. In fact, anyone having disruptive ideas is most welcome to be a part of Fintech Valley. Though Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu was not able to attend the Spring Conference 2017 in person but he was there for an hour over video conference to talk about the vision and mission of Fintech Valley.

Spring Conference 2017

In addition, he will chair the Fintech Valley Forum. In fact, during his address, he was quite enthused. He says, “The Fintech Valley Spring Conference is our step in joining the Fourth Industrial Revolution which is a spectacular combination of technology and Internet of Things (IoT). In recent times, technology has started influencing our lives in a comprehensive manner. The demand for Fintech is growing each day. To meet this demand, we would need the support from Fintech and Cybersecurity companies. We also need the academic institutions to adapt curriculum that trains individuals to contribute to fintech sector. I extend my best wishes for the success of the initiative and hope it provides multiple opportunities to meet the futuristic requirements of our country and the global economy at large.”

Spring Conference 2017

Special Chief Secretary and IT Advisor to the AP Chief Minister, J. A. Chowdary states during his keynote address, “Indian IT 1.0 is facing difficulties. The next flight towards IT 2.0 will be backed by fintech. The tectonic shifts this will cause and entail is captured by the expression ‘fintectonics’. It is a fintech culture we are creating here – a culture of doing something for the betterment of the common man, a culture of creating an ecosystem by getting the right industry linkages and finding the right formula for the critical manpower.” In addition, other prominent personalities present on the dais at Spring Valley 2017 were Roy Teo, Director, Fintech & Innovation Group, Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS); Utkarsh Palnitkar, Partner KPMG; George Inasu – COO, Fidelity Financial Services; Puneet Pushkarna, Chairman, TIE – Singapore and Joe Seunghyun Cho – Co-founder and Chairman, Marvelstone Group.

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