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Social Entrepreneurship Scale – Where Does Your Organization Stand?

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Dr. Shawn Carraher is the creator of 11-part social entrepreneurship scale. If you boast to be a social entrepreneur, you need to assess yourself and your organization on this scale. It will clearly let you know where does your organization stand. And it will also tell how you and your organization stand. It is a great and objective measure in this regard. In fact, I would say, this is the first drive towards organizing in a substantial and significant manner. So far it is almost a field not organized so well, and not measured considering all relevant directions.  Here are the 11 points to measure you and your organization on Social Entrepreneurship Scale:

11-points of Social Entrepreneurship Scale

  1. Do you have a mission that creates social value? Be very clear in the partitioning between social value and private value. The spectrum and vision change altogether. Moreover, if you mix the two, you are doing injustice to yourself.
  2. Are you recognizing new opportunities to serve your mission? If not, probably either your mission is incomplete in certain aspects, or you are not ethical in your business practices.
  3. Are you engaging your organization in a process of continuous adaptation? And this adaptation must directly relate to your mission.
  4. Business needs bold actions. Especially in crisis. That is the hour of the need you must come out of your comfort zone. Do you act boldly without being constrained by resources currently in hand in the fulfillment of your mission?
  5. Are you able to relentlessly pursue new opportunities to serve your mission? Are you capable enough?
  6. Do you care deeply about the outcomes of the fulfillment of your mission?
  7. Are you seeking to be a ‘World Changer’ through the accomplishment of your mission?
  8. Do you adopt a mission to sustain social value? As a matter of fact, it should not mix with your private value.
  9. Are you engaging in a process of continuous innovation in connection to your mission?
  10. Do you exhibit a superior sense of accountability to the stakeholders and areas your mission is serving to?
  11. Are you engaging in a process of continuous learning in the context of your mission?

In the nutshell measuring your score on Social Entrepreneurship Scale is quite interestïng. At the same time, it is most challenging. Moreover, if you don’t measure on each point, you limit your capabilities and achievements.

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