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Snapchat – Is It A Social Media Networking Site Or Not?

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Snapchat  is very much a social media networking site like any other prominent social media site like Facebook, twitter, LI (LinkedIn) etc. In fact, companies engaged in social media activities have started asking about your Snapchat followers if you are a social media influencer. There are many running campaigns on this newly emerging social networking site. Along with other social media statistics, digital marketing companies now focus on Snapchat also. It is a mobile app. Snapchat is available on iTunes and Android platforms. It is a California-based company. At any given time its usage in the United States is above 40%. That counts for more than 100 million people. Here, you snap with your family and friends. You can also watch stories from various businesses, professionals, friends etc. Moreover, you can see events from around the world. In addition, you can explore curated content from publishers across the globe.

As a matter of fact, there are more than 10 billion video transactions every day on Snapchat. This is over 350% increase from previous year. In the nutshell, it is all about storytelling and sharing. Basis Snapchat internal data, Snap Advertisements are among the best in mobile video ads. These ads, in fact, are interactive in nature and thus more effective. Mostly, these ads are contextual and appear in a full-screen video. These are usually of  10-second duration thus keeping the interest at its best. In addition, these short duration ads don’t annoy thus creating high impact. That makes them more resulting in nature. To extend the content or video, it takes just a swipe up. Statistically, swipe-up here is higher by 5 times comparing with other social media platforms.

Snapchat A Strong Social Media Platform

It is interesting to know why global companies like Coca-Cola, Vans, Gatorade etc. Are using Snapchat quite extensively. Such companies use Lenses feature for their brand activation, creating the brand impression by using interactive ads. The same feature you can use to create funny and interactive videos to share with your friends and family. These lenses generally are of 20 seconds duration.

Finally, there are geo filters which are quite creative and innovative art elements. While taking your snap you can add location and timestamp. This will help you in future. It also helps your friends around to locate you easily. You can also learn about geostickers and other latest updates on their blog.

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