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Shilpi Chaklanobis: Panorama Book Review – Stories That Detox Mind

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Shilpi Chaklanobis is from Kanpur and has spent ample matured time in Delhi. Her writing has enough flavor of Lucknow and Kanpur that announces her connection with these cities. So even if you didn’t know this, you can take a clue from her stories. She has been a keen observer of life, people, and relationships. This is evidently clear once you read her stories. She has a superb art of translating these in-depth realities of life into mesmerizing words. She seems to have a promising journey in writing. There is a lot more you can expect from her in her forthcoming writings.

Panorama – A Collection of Short Stories is a compilation of 15 strong, powerful, and touching stories. These stories are short, crisp, and hard hitting. They hit straight on your heart, mind and conscious. Average of each story is around 6-8 pages. Overall, the book is 134 pages. The stories are engaging and powerfully woven around our normal life routines. Shilpi Chaklanobis has created a good collection of these 15 stories.

If I have to pick the best story out of these 15, I would pick story number 11. Mirage is the story of a young girl who hates her mother all her life for a reason. And one fine day she comes to know the reality behind the reason that was installed in her mind by her father for a selfish reason of his own. And this brings a transformation in the life of both – the mother and her daughter. This story is so well crafted to wet the corners of your eyes. Each story will create a connect with you – a close one or a distant one.

Shilpi Chaklanobis has crafted Panorama quite well

Shilpi Chaklanobis

Each story is so natural and simple, but so close to yours and my life. Though all stories may not match every reader’s lifestyle, but still, you find yourself a part of each story. As if the things are happening in front of you. As if something you are witnessing quite closely. Panorama – A Collection of Short Stories by Shilpi Chaklanobis is, that way, a must read for everyone who loves to watch life and relationships closely.

Shilpi Chaklanobis

If I have to rate this book on a scale of 5, I would give it a full. There is no scope of rating even marginally less than that. You will find childhood friendship, ongoing or past relationships, hard-hitting and compelling realities of life, and personal bonds that will keep surfacing in each story.

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