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Shades of Shadows by Pushpam Singh A Unique Philosophical Romance

Shades of Shadows by Pushpam Singh is a uniquely different concept of presenting romance. This is a fiction/ romance genre book written in a philosophical manner. As per author, there is a shadow embodying each soul. And in turn, each of this shadow connecting to an individual soul has a shade of its own. Every shade, in turn, is having its own unique spirit. Focus in this book is on individual entity, uniqueness accompanying an individual and thus growing into a unique spirit in turn.

Shades of Shadows by Pushpam Singh

 Kausar is the place where life began on earth where nature is playing in different forms in full blow. With changing colors of nature and it’s becoming more lively, a sweet encounter happens between Kavi and Kavya, uncovering the seed of love between the two. Shades of Shadows by Pushpam Singh is a story of love, hope, and passion arising out of dull and sad moments of life thereby giving it a newly transformed shape. The story takes you on a poetic journey of love between Kavi and Kavya.
 The cover is simple but symbolic and significantly thematic matching with the description of Kausar, a place where love inculcates between Kavi and Kavya when nature is at its bloom.

Shades of Shadows by Pushpam Singh

There have been different colors of life in this book that you can easily relate to. Credit goes to Pushpam Singh for using both prose and poetry. And thus making this love story presentation in a unique manner. White, Red, and Grey colors in different parts of this book present the beginning of love, the peak of love and separation respectively. And finally, you will find the color of red back after many twists and turns in the story of Kavi and Kavya.

Pushpam Singh is an engineer by profession but is 100% poet by heart. You can read different moods of poems in Shades of Shadows when you walk through different streams of life. Overall it might not be everyone’s cup of tea due to some very basic factors. First, the writing style though is quite unique but is not very appealing to the heart of the reader. In fact, it appears more like a sophisticated, beautiful showpiece. Second, it is a love story, that too a mild kind, in a very hypothetical and imaginary scenario. Overall I would give Shades of Shadows 3 out of 5.


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