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Securing Cyberspace With Indigenous Tools and Niche Workforce

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India Inc. needs to work hard towards security cyberspace. The best option is to develop indigenous tools and deploy niche workforce for this. These two options will definitely reduce external risks. While indigenous tools will provide stronghold and better control mechanism in customization and cost, niche workforce means creating a specialized taskforce for the job. Moreover, you need to have world-class datacenters within India to host all critical servers with zero downtime and 100% security. The topmost priority for all this is self-regulation. Investment is not difficult to come. Neither is the creation of regulatory compliance. The most difficult task is adherence and self-regulation. All this is an outcome of a latest PwC-Assocham report.

Securing Cyberspace
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Creating specialized human capacity is the most important task ahead of ensuring security cyberspace. In fact, sustenance of manpower also requires special skills and procedures. The government needs to build a strong policy that ensures availability of sufficient technology measures and support. Logically, businesses need to create their individual cybersecurity capacity framework not merely for the sake of compliance. They should forget that this framework is for someone external to audit and pass. In fact, all efforts in this direction should be for the sake of self-regulation. As a matter of fact, self-regulation is the key focal point of the report by PwC-Assocham, ‘Securing the Nations Cyberspace’. And that carries a lot of sense for a realistic approach in this regard.

Securing Cyberspace is a top priority for any nation

Engaging citizens in lowering cyber risks is another important aspect. We all need a cyber-safe culture. It can only come with the help of awareness. Awareness will automatically bring a sense of responsibility among citizens. Also, that will encourage them to be a part of securing cyberspace by adopting safe and good practices. In fact, in US, UK, and Australia national public awareness programs have been able to inculcate a high level of behavioral change on this aspect. The risks are high in case of cyber threats. It not only impacts continuity but also puts reputation and monetary loss at stake.

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