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Seamo Olympiad Debuts To Unleash Indian Math Olympians #Seamo

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Though India is not a Southeast Asian country. But within two years of its establishment, Seamo feels the immense talent available in India. This talent pool from class V to XII now can assess theitr math power at a global level. Here comes the first Indian Seamo Olympiad coming August to unleash math olympians you. Any student of class V to XII studying anywhere in India can apply. Will it help in their career? Obviously yes. If not directly, indirectly. But definitely if will help in boosting their zeal and confidence after knowing their status on global front. Seamo Olympiad is a pure mathematics Olympiad unlike Science Olympiad that talks about various science subjects. It is a platform for creative and youngest mind in a friendly competition at highest level.

As a matter of fact, Seamo Olympiad is an internationally acclaimed Mathematics Olympiad. It is a brainchild of Terry Chew and Roy Lo from Singapore. Hence, the headquarter is in Singapore. Before India, they are already in 12 countreis in Souteast Asia. That is the amount of popularity. It is here in India for the first time. The 2017 Olympiad will be there across 55 cities of India. So any student who is not in any of these 55 cities can also fill the form and visit any of these cities to appear in this competitive exam. In fact, their vision is to provide a platform to identify and discover mathematical talents through creative challenges. In addition, they aim to encourage students to participate in order to unleash their maths talent.

Seamo Olympiad Opens Doors for Math Enthusiasts

Looking at the power and talent in India, Seamo Olympiad spreads its wings here. Their mission is to Inspire enthusiastic young mind to participate and enjoy mathematical Olympiad. Though there are many individual benefits, some are as below:

  • Hone logical and problem-solving skills
  • National and international ranking
  • Encourages high order thinking ability
  • Performance analysis report indicating strength and weaknesses
  • Realistic view of student’s ability
  • Promote excellence on every sphere of school learning
  • All the categories of students can appear
  • Insights to appropriate career option

What are the rewards for India? Well, the top 0.025% of students who qualify will get a gold plate and a certificate. Next 1% will get a silver plate and a certificate. Next 2% will get a bronze plate and certificate. In addition, all students who participitate wil get a participation certificate. The criteria, broadly, is almost same for all other 12 countries. In fact, Seamo Olympiad is a great journey to start for RMO (Regional Mathematical Olympiad) and IMO (International Mathematiclal Olympiad).

The exam structure of speficis are quite simple to understand. SEAMO Olympiad is a platform for students aspiring for RMO and IMO. In India, SEAMO Olympiad date is August while in all other countries it is November. It is because of difference in the academic session in India nad other countries. Though the level and type of sections might vary for India and other countries there is a normalization process to standardize. Question paper structure is simple. It comprises of three sections. Each section has 8 questions. The level of questions climbs from east to modearate to difficult. Hence, in Section 1 you will have easy 8 questions. Section 2 will have moderate 8 question. And section 3 is with difficult 8 questions.

Seamo Olympiad has Global Recognition

This year Seamo Olympiad will be single stage MCQ exam. The regidtration begins from 15th May and ends on 31st July. The exam date is 6 August. It will be a two-hour exam. Result date is 25 August. The Fee is INR 1150 for juniors and INR 1350 for serniors. Sample question papers are available on the Indian website. There is a lot of useful additional information available on this website. Like, syllabus, result etc. In case of any query regarding Seamo Olympiad, you can send an email to or call 0959949631 and you will get a response in 24 hours.

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