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Sabudana Usal in South Indian Style

Sabudana Usal is a local recipe from Vidarbha region of Maharashtra. Soak Sabudana in water and then fry it with salt, red chilli powder, green chilli pieces, cumin seeds with additional ingredients like peanuts. You can roast or fry peanuts beforehand. While it depends on individual taste, I fry peanuts. But you are free to roast and use. I am preparing Sabudana Usal in a different way. For that, I am using some innovative variant.

Sabudana Usal
Photo credit: Buzz Hoffman via Visual Hunt / CC BY-NC-SA

Sabudana or Sago is a product of Tapioca Root (Cassava). It is identical to Sago Palm. Both being small, dry, and opaque balls in appearance. Have you ever tried a combination of two different recipes into a single recipe? The two different recipes for the combination belong to two different states and hence the newly formed recipe gives you a combined taste. Being quite adventurous in food, I keep trying various permutation & combinations to produce something different and unique. To perform such adventures it needs some kind of research to find out if you are going in right direction and if the efforts you put into this new adventurous creation would be worthy and tasty.

Sabudana Usal
Photo credit: Tatters ❀ via Visual hunt / CC BY

My research on Tapioca Sago i.e. Sabudana started some time back and I started exploring the internet, various cookbooks and other means to understand. With some learning, I can say that Sabudana is a process and ready to cook agricultural food item. The raw material to produce this edible product is Tapioca Root which is known as Cassava in the international arena. Sabudana is good for infants and people who are fasting or suffering from fever. Being neutral in taste, use Sabudana for the preparation of sweet or salty recipes depending on the taste and requirement. When put in milk, it produces Sabudana Kheer. Though people prepare Sabudana Khichadi in many parts of India like Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, and Rajasthan, it is quite popular everywhere. Soak it in water and then prepare either Kheer (sweet dish/ dessert) or khichadi.

Sabudana Usal is a very popular recipe

Instead of frying peanuts I am going to fry Sabudana itself. Soak it for a while before than. Deciding to go on South Indian pattern I took Kerala route after studying its recipes of various chips (Potato, Karela, Kathal or Jackfruit, Banana etc.) prepared in coconut oil. I deep fried Sabudana in coconut oil till the small granules changed their colour from white to light brown. Taking them out from the oil, Put it in a Kadhai with a little oil, add red chillies, green chillies, ginger, black pepper, curry patta (leaf). Mix them well for a while and take it off from the flame. Serve it hot and enjoy your Kerala Sabudana Usal making a combination of two different recipes from Kerala and Maharashtra.

Sabudana Usal in South Indian Style

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