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Ron-Ben Israel Cakes – Ever Fallen In Love With A Cake? @rbicakes

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You are sure to fall in love with these cakes which are so lively, beautiful and charming. If you are in New York, you must visit Ron-Ben Israel Cakes website here. You can fix an appointment beforehand for any weekday and the non-customer visit is during the closing hour when you can taste cakes too. But who would like to cut these cakes that are designed and crafted so beautifully? I could feel these cakes singing, dancing, alluring, enchanting, mesmerizing me all the time.

Ron-Ben Israel
Photo by ZagatBuzz on Visual hunt / CC BY-NC-SA

Ron-Ben Israel Cakes Are A Class Apart

Ron-Ben Israel has an expertise in designing wedding cakes, but that is not the limitation of his scope, as he has a vast variety and creativity to design cakes for various moods, occasions, and statements. Being a dancer in his earlier career, he takes the creation of each cake as a new performance where he and his team have to perform at his best and that is why he has been adjudged as the master of his field by prestigious Zagat Survey and The New York Times. He has appeared as a guest in most of the prominent live shows on television in NY. Ron is also to be a special guest in the Americas Cake & Sugarcraft Fair that is starting this September in Orlando, FL.

Ron-Ben Israel
Photo by Graceful Cake Creations on Visualhunt / CC BY-NC-ND

Since each cake by Ron-Ben Israel is tailor-made, there is no fixed price list. The collection available is quite amazing and unique in terms of creativity and design. Each collection is a series of poetry and each design creation is a unique piece of precision. The collection includes:

  • Romance
  • Bold Statements
  • For Him
  • Graphics & Textures
  • Lace & Beading
  • for Her
  • For Little Ones
  • Good Times
  • Bling

Now that is not all. When it comes to Ron-Ben Israel Cakes, it is beyond imagination. One needs to visit the store or order a cake to witness the same. And then you will agree to what I say.

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