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Road Runner Delivery Naraina For Mexican, Italian, Pizza, and Fast Food

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Road Runner is really good for a number of reasons. And at the same time, there is an ample scope of improvement in packing and food preparation. My order was for Lemon Chicken in starters, Paneer Methi Malai in Indian Main Course, Chicken Biryani in Biryanis, and Brownie with Chocolate Sauce in Desserts.The packing is good as you will be able to see a couple of pics of dishes with packing in this post. Lemon Chicken is a treat in itself. There is a filling within the pieces. The taste of chicken is good proving a good cooking mechanism. The packing keeps its freshness intact.

A small caution is about the chilies factor. It is slightly on the higher side. But then it is okay sometimes. If you ask me whether I would order Lemon Chicken again. My answer would be yes, definitely.

In the main course from Road Runner, I had Paneer Methi Malai from Indian Curries. The thick gravy is good with enough pieces of Paneer that are fresh in taste. The gravy is slightly sweet in taste reminding you of Gujarati curries. But then it has to have a sweeter tinge because of Malai factor. Malai would definitely add a sweet factor to it. And it was quite handy for us. How? I will tell you now. It became handy to subside the chilly impact of Chicken Biryani.

There are few points of improvement here when it comes to Chicken Biryani. Firstly, it was having chilies in excess. That makes it difficult to eat. And that is where the Malai curry becomes handy. Secondly. the quality of rice is not good. It is of average quality. Maybe an improvement in the quality of rice will scale up overall customer experience.

Road Runner Is To Improve To Scale Up Customer Experience

Brownie with Chocolate Sauce from Road Runner is quite yummy. Overall, it is quite a mix kind of journey.

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