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Real Independence – 10 Realities That Prove Our Anti #RealIndependence

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A lot of people in our country wonder if the condition of our country was better before independence or after? In fact, at times we feel that all the sacrifice and good efforts for gaining independence has gone waste. Is it Real Independence or we are still trying to find out the meaning? Is it a win or loss? We could have been in a far better condition in all these years than we are. Who to blame? Who is responsible for creating all this chaos and crisis? Is it not true that a bunch of smart or cunning people made a mockery of people. Do we really respect? I find 10 realities that haunt.
1. Politicians of our country from various parties eat and drink together, but the two opposite party members will never appreciate each other for good deeds openly. These are the real destroyers of our country busy in just cutting each other instead of having a single bit of interest in the unity of the country and its progress. Is it a sign of real independence?
2. Getting a job in the police has a cost depending on the level. You pay and you get every essential document/paper to get the job. These are the wrong people getting the job thus making the system more corrupt in a 100% legal manner. These are the real anti-national elements. Do we have a system and mechanism in place? Is it what real independence mean?
3. Judiciary is working under politics, not above. The same crime done by poor has a different kind of punishment as compared to that done by a rich or influential person. They take an oath once at the time of grabbing their seat and rest of the time going against it.
4. The woman is still treated as a commodity.

Real Independence – Where is it?

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5. Metro rail stations, Malls etc. have become open hubs for love-birds. We are getting more into European and U.S. culture leaving behind our own culture. Is it not mental slavery? Do we call it real independence?
6. NGOs, Government Schemes, Relief Funds are more of money game rather than addressing the real cause and benefiting deserving.

7. Nationalism and Patriotism have become just a slogan.

8. Social causes have become an interesting point of networking and personal benefits.

9. The juvenile has become a mockery of the judicial system.

10. Power of Terrorism, Anti-Social and Anti-National Forces and Power of Politics and Administration are Complementing each other. Does it mean real independence?

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