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Ratan Kaul – Arbitrator, Management Consultant, And Author

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Ratan Kaul talks generally carry a portion of wisdom, knowledge, and experience. He chooses his words carefully. In fact, the gravity and depth in his thinking is an automatic phenomenon. The same goes with his writing. You pick up his book and while glancing through the pages, you notice a great amount of research in it. For him, writing a book on a subject, whether fiction or non-fiction takes a substantial amount of time in research.  Like, for his first historical romance novel, it took around 2 years to finish it. The digital version was out in 2014 and the print version was a year later i.e. in 2015. Similarly, his latest book, The Full Circle, is out recently and is creating waves all around. This book reveals different aspects of convictions, relationships, and emotions in current day situation.

Ratan Kaul

But before both the above books, Ratan Kaul has another book to his credit and that is a non-fiction. In fact, he is a co-author of Arbitration: Procedure and Practice that is an anthology that was by American publisher LexisNexis Butterworths. This book was a non-fiction as its title suggests and you can find it in the personal collection of most of the arbitrators across the globe. Ratan Kaul is an engineer from Delhi College of Engineering or DCE (now Delhi Technological University or DTU) passing out way back in 1983. And he carries a successful career of many years of top-level corporate management and arbitration practice. Currently, he is working as a management consultant in the IT (Information Technology) sector and also as an arbitrator.

Ratan Kaul Believes in Strong But Realistic Characterization


Ratan Kaul believes that the characters in a story must be interesting and versatile. Only then you can make a right kind of connect with the readers. In fact, characterization has to be such that it appears natural to the readers. Like, the lead character, Rohit in his latest fiction “The Full Circle: A Saga of Unrequited Love” resembles a modern-day tech professional who is strong enough to touch peaks in his career but surrenders easily in front of his parents who pressurize him to marry a girl of their choice thus surrendering to his own wishes to marry a girl he loves. That makes the story quite interesting and connecting. Some part of reality obviously goes in any fiction, as he states.

Ratan Kaul

For his next book that Ratan Kaul has already started working is going to be another historical fiction. The research for this book is already going on and it reflects when he talks about the story of his upcoming book. In fact, the timeframe for this book is another two years. That itself shows the intensity of research he is putting on in presenting a powerful plot. Another superb factor is the cover of his books. Both his fiction books have well-matching covers respectively.  And you can see that connect not only the front cover alone but the back cover too. Logically, it takes a while to finalize a cover. But before that, it takes a couple of sitting with the designer to discuss what all you want to reflect through the cover of your book.

Ratan Kaul has a poetic heart

Very few people know that Ratan Kaul is a poet too. He scribbles poems on his blog from time to time. In fact, he loves writing fiction to present an expression to the stories that emanate in his mind from the day-to-day incidents in life. As a matter of fact, he finds it quite challenging as well as exciting regularly discovering new ideas and then mixing them with an element of entertainment in his stories. He resides in South Delhi in India. But before that, during his long career has spent a substantial part of his professional life in the United States. Despite that, he is a man of strong values and deep thoughts. His first fiction “Wings of Freedom” was a period cross-cultural love story in the backdrop of British rule in India.

The story of “The Full Circle” takes you to 1984 when the technology was at a boom. That was the period of the technology revolution. Rohit, a fresh graduate engineer from a premium technology institute in Delhi, begins his career in a steel factory in a tribal area. He develops a relationship with a village girl there. This relationship is not acceptable to his parents and thus he moves to the US because of a deep emptiness inside. Soon he becomes a successful technopreneur. Despite great success, Rohit is not able to cope up with the cultural conflict there and his traditional core values. Gradually, he decides to return to his country in quest of a satisfactory relationship. That depicts a full circle.

Ratan Kaul narrates human emotions excellently through his writing

While discussing the book, Ratan Kaul says, “This book portrays the complexities of life’s challenges, destiny, human convictions and emotions in the backdrop of today’s fast-paced world. Every change in the life of the lead character’s life, partly in India and partly in the USA, is like the rotations of a wheel, for good or for bad, but it is not in his hands as someone else governs the circling of his fate.”

In short, The Full Circle is engaging and intriguing right from its first chapter. On the other hand “Wings of Freedom” impactfully portrays the human emotions viz love, relationship, commitments, and sacrifices. But that is not all. There is a lot more in the pipeline that has to come from Ratan Kaul in his forthcoming books. You can connect with Ratan Kaul on Goodreads and his personal blog.

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