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Rajasthali at Connaught Place – A Grand Supper Marathon

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Rajasthali at Connaught Place is ideally the best place for veggies. Especially, the veggies for have a good capacity to grab a variety of food. You have to pay a fixed price for the Thali. And so is the number of items. But then there is no limit of quantity. You can take as many servings of as many items as you want. And the quality of food is good. In fact, the best way is to take a little of every recipe in the first round. And keep deciding about the items you would like to repeat. This repetition is limitless. I would call it a grand buffet with good variety of food. And that too with no compromise with taste and quality. Most of the times, you fill find this place full. As a matter of fact, there is mostly waiting outside at Rajasthali, Connaught Place.

Rajasthali Connaught Place

Logically it is a kind of war the moment you get a table. The war is between the staff boys carrying different items to offering at each table and moving fast and your speed to grab the food. Don’t try to match their speed. They will keep coming and asking. You just maintain your own pace at your own comfort. No doubt, the food is very tasty. And the heavy footfall ensures freshness. In addition, it also ensures quality. Otherwise, there won’t be heavy footfall at a food outlet.

Rajasthali Connaught Place Food Review

I loved all dishes at Rajasthani. Especially the presentation of the thali is fabulous. There are 10 small cute bowls for 10 dishes. In addition, there are 3 kinds of chapatis/breads. Then you have Rice and Khichdi. Khichdi is an absolute must-have. Chaach is regular refill to quench your thirst. To sum this sumptuous rounds of the buffet, you have two varieties of sweets or desserts. Overall, it is a tasty food marathon at Rajasthali.


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