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Rafflesia The Banished Princess The Smell of Innocent Happiness

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Rafflesia The Banished Princess by Gautam is a story of two different worlds. These worlds are the world of childhood and the world of adulthood. The lead character of this story is Appu or Apurva who lives each of this world so innocently that brings back your own childhood memories. The story connects with your heart, soul, and mind at various points. In fact, you will find a different kind of maturity in Gautam’s writing style. It is something very different that is coming straight from the heart. And probably that is the reason that it is able to connect so well right since the beginning. In addition, the flow of the story is flawless. It is an emotional story of Apurva’s journey with a right mix of seriousness in it. In fact, Leadstart books are generally like this and that is why those are my favorite.

Rafflesia The Banished Princess

Rafflesia is a parasitic flowering plant. it has no stems, leaves, or roots. But still, it has its own beauty. And probably it is one of the largest flowers in the world. I could relate Appu in Rafflesia The Banished Princess as an innocent prince who has to banish his happiness at various stages of life. But still, there is a smell of innocent happiness in the book. In fact, Appu is a strong character that goes with the flow of life so innocently that there is no place of any manipulations. it is like accepting the life as it is in the most honorable manner and respecting every piece of happiness or pain it gives. Rather, it is like honoring every moment of life in the most graceful and respectful manner.

Rafflesia The Banished Princess is a lifesize journey

At some moment of time, the story of Rafflesia The Banished Princess might appear as a compilation of lovely short stories with a common factor as Appu. The life is about connection and bonding between various characters in Appu’s life. In fact, it is a journey of life and a lifesize journey. For Appu, it could be a matter of irreconcilable differences. As a matter of fact, Appu is a lovable, innocent, matured and adorable character. Rather you will start finding that innocence in Appu within you that probably is lost under the dust of time. Overall, this is a lovely book that probably everyone would like to read. As it makes you stand in a valley of Tulips where you forget your pains, glories, and life for a while and become a part of Appu’s journey.

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